Sunday, December 28, 2008

Program at Church

I have to post this picture again because I LOVE IT!! We were all so thankful that this young man was home for Christmas and able to come to church with us. I love ya SHE-J!

This is She-J and his hero, his Nanny. Also known as Sis. This fave aunt of mine has been on her knees in prayer more in the last 2 years than probably ever and her prayers have been answered in a mighty way. Everybody in the family teases her cause she's a little vertically challenged, ahem, but I think she's cute! And, she loves me!
Our program at church was great this year and even some of the ladies of the church had their part. The story of the candy cane was told by our Pastor and even A#1 played the role of a soldier home for the holidays. He looked so handsome in a uniform. I was too choked up to take his picture.

The kiddos walked in with bells or a Christmas Tree and then they all recited the Romans Road. That is after all why Jesus was sent here on Christmas, to eventually go to that old rugged cross for us all.

And then there's this! This is my bro-in-law and yes that is THE WHOLE CUPCAKE!! Good times. I love ya Mikie S. You are the only one that gets 80's music and I love it when you call me and say," Listen, who's that singing? Come on Tinie, it's from the 80's I know you know it."
Not many people have these kind of mad skillz!

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