Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas day

After we open our gifts from Santa we get dressed and head to Nena and Poppy's for lunch and our gift exchange. A#2 and Poppy have a great relationship. She was telling me the other day how proud she is of her Poppy. He has been on a mission to get healthier and so far has lost over 65 pounds. Way to go Pops!

A#2 took most of these pictures with her new camera. I think she is doing a great job so far.
This is Fost-a man. He does not look happy at all in this picture. If you ask him what he's gonna be when he grows up, a vet! He's a little like his Momma, my sister, he LOVES animals. especially polar bears and dinosaurs!

Nena and one of her new sweaters.

Me and one of my new shirts.

A#2 took lots of pics of her Daddy.

And there is the 2 of them together. This is the ultimate Daddy's' girl, that's for sure.

Checking out the features on her camera. A#2 and her Nena in black and white. I LOVE this picture!!!!!!!!

A#1 was little excited. Season 1 and 2 of HOUSE!! He's already watched season 1.


Suzette said...

I like the top you got! Very cute! :) Looks like you guys had an exciting Christmas as well!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

You had SUCH an eventful Christmas, wow!! Great photos - looks like it was really memorable :)


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