Monday, February 25, 2008

Living a dream

That's A#1 sitting in that plane. For his 18th b-day we had a friend of ours father take him up in his plane. A#1 had no idea we had this planned for him. When we got to the airport at Va Tech and introduced him, he sorta figured it out. I have never seen him smile sooooo much. He was thrilled beyond belief. As most of you know this is what A#1 is going to college for. He has been on many, many commercial flights but never on a small top wing plane. These are what he will be learning on until he moves on to the big airlines. They were up for an hour or so and A#1 got to actually take the controls for awhile. WOWZA! When they returned Mr. B told hubby that A#1 was a natural. He said he had given lessons to many people and never had any pick it up as quickly as he did. He said A#1 had a feel for it as soon as they took off. We asked A#1 if this confirms to him what he is supposed to be doing and he said " OH YEAH!". I told Mr. B that we believed the Lord had something in store for A#1 and he said it was obvious to him as well. I had a very emotional moment when they came in and did 3 touch and go's. I didn't think I was going to stop crying. Hubby held on real tight and we talked about how awesome it is to actually see him living out a dream. Lord help me how am I going to let him go off to college? His sisters were so excited to watch him. Well actually A#3 was not happy at all until he got back on the ground. She did not want him to go up. Lord help her when he goes to college :) A#2 was bouncing off the walls with excitement. What a great thing for them to witness.
There he goes!
Touch and go!
Waiting very impatiently!
Safe and sound!
He has made a friend for life.
Welcome back son. What's that, why is my mascara running? DUH!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A #1

I hope you won't mind if I brag. As mom to this young man I feel so proud and just wanted to share. WOW! This saturday he will be 18! I can't tell you how hard this is to realize. First that time has gone so quickly, second that he has survived me as his Mom, third that he will be going to college in just a few short months, fourth that I'm old enough to have an 18 year old and fifth that he survived me as his Mom. Oh, I already said that :) He is such a loving young person to everyone. He is very aware of what is right and what is wrong. He LOVES the Lord! He was saved when he was 8 years old. He wears his christian t-shirts to school as often as he can even though he goes to public school and alot of people question him for that. One boy that goes to school with him once said, "Oh yeah I know him. He's a good christian guy. I should hang out with him more." Whoa. He does NOT fit in nor does he want to fit in with the "crowd". On weekends he stays home or goes to a movie, that's his favorite thing to do. He can tell you all about some movies I'm telling ya. He has christian music on his i-pod, Casting Crowns, Newsboyz, Mercy Me and some music that he decribes as instrumentals that I just do not get.

Speaking of music, he sang in a boychoir when he was 8 til he turned 13. When he started in middle school he played in the band, percussion everything. He went on to play in high school and is hoping to maybe play in college. He can read music, play music and sing but DO NOT try to get him to do it in front of you because he won't. I keep teling him that one day the Lord is going to lay it on his heart to share his music and then he's going to have to lisen to his Momma say told ya so. Speaking of college, he's been accepted to Liberty University!!! YIIPPEEEE. We also just found out last week that he was accepted in to the Aviation dept. He's gonna fly! He wants to go into commercial flying first and then he said if the Lord leads him he wants to go into missionary aviation. He l-o-v-e loves to fly. He has been a student ambassador representing the United States and traveled to Australia when he was 16. Imagine how hard it was to send your 16 year old to the other side of the world. He thrived. He is and ambassador again this year and will be going to England, Scottland, Ireland and Wales this July. So COOOOOOL. He has been on 2 mission trips to Montana and loved it. I was fortunate enough to go on the last one with him and see his heart in action. I truly feel the Lord has something BIG in store for him. He has opened so many doors already. Did I mention the honor roll?

Well, are you sick of this Mom's pride yet? Hope not cause there's a bit more posts coming on this young man :)

P.S. if you know of any single young ladies that are christian let me know cause he needs a prom date!!!

P.P.S. I hope you all realize that I am not bragging on him because of anything that we have done as parents but because of what the Lord has done. Like I said earlier, he has survived me. He has the best Dad a kid could have and believe me they are ALOT alike!
His life verse is John 3:17

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Deal of the week

So I stopped in to Joanne Fabrics one morning and look what I found. 180 sheets of beautifull paper for $4.97. Yep that's all. I was thrilled. I know it is a Christmas stack but there are some really pratty papers that can be used other times as well. For example, I used some green papers to make my new St Patty Day letters that say LUCK. I will post on those later. Get yourself to the nearest Joanne's and look for one. I'm thinking they might even be a good Christmas present for some friends of mine. Not gonna tell who you are :)

I'm a Big Girl Now!!!

A#3 has finally moved into her new Big Girl Bed. She LOVES it! It is not a big bed it's a toddler bed, or as she says a Taller bed, but to her she is thrilled. She has not taken a cup to bed since the day before she got it. We were talking as she was going to take her nap and I told her that when she got her big girl bed she couldn't have it any more. She said " I'm a big girl now Mommy, I don't need it today." She hasn't had it since then. If I would've known it was that easy I would've done that a long time ago. DUH! She has adjusted wonderfully. She doesn't even get up when she wakes up, she just hollers "come get me please!" Loudly I might add. In the meantime Daddy has been painting her room and got her crown molding up. PRETTY!

Can you tell she likes it? She's a big girl now.

Busy Bee

So this is what I've been up to lately.

Birthday presents for little boys. So easy and so fun. Desks and crayon/pencil boxes with activity books.

Even fun gift bags. How it's given makes all the difference. Ok maybe not to the 4 and 5 year old but to me it does :)

Then there's the projects at home. I had such a good time making the LOVE letters for V-day, I decided to make some for A#2. Hers turned out great and they look so cute hanging above her window.

A#3 already had her letters. I did them awhile back and they're different. Hers are the wood letters but instead of using scrapbook paper, they are beaded. So easy! Just paint them the color you need, add some Mod-Podge and lay them in a pile of beads. I used the same color beads as paint. Just PRECIOUS!
Hope you enjoy. I'll be back later with even more. Gotta go for now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The greatest Love of all

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16
Do you have God's love in your heart?

Happy Valentine's Day xoxoxo

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is our mission team that went to Browning Montana this past summer. Our mission was to share the gospel with the Blackfeet Indian people. Praise the Lord there were 15 saved and many, many seeds that were planted. That's me on the end with the black pants on and that's our son in the front with the strap going across him. We were there to help Pastor Phil at Glacier View Baptist Chapel and it was such an awesome experience. I have never seen the Lord work like he did while we were here. My eyes have opened so much since this trip.

Here we are at the Glacier National Park. What a view. We think we are so blessed with the mountains here Virginia. HA!

This is a moment I will treasure for the rest of my life. #1 because he actually posed for a picture which I do beleive was the 1st miracle the Lord allowed us to see and #2 because Aaron was truly in his element while we were traveling. He was the 1st one to the water to kick off his shoes. The 1st one to pick up rocks to throw. Just watching my man child was worth the whole trip.

Here's the perfect example of what I'm talking about. If you will notice, his shoes are not completely on his feet. His would just slip them on and off at this point because we were stopping so much.

Have you ever?!!!

This is my friend Ashley Heavyrunner. I hold her so close to my heart. One thing I could not get used to while here was just the total oppression that you FEEL while on the reservation. I have never felt anything like this before. I cried like I have never cried before. Every time I would take a shower something would take over and the sobs would start. Every time! I keep a picture of Ashley in my Bible to remind me to always pray for her and her people.
I have sooo many more pctures of this trip that I hope to share in due time. This may sound funny to some of you but when things get a little yukky around here, I wish I could go back there right away. You really seem to forget all your own problems when you see what others are dealing with but more than that, when you see the power of God.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Random things about my Mom
1. She makes the best Ham Yummies in the world!
2. She has beautiful blue eyes.
3. She loves her grandbabies to death.
4. She's a decorating Diva.
5. Don't make my Momma mad!
6. She drives like a Nascar fool :)
7. She likes Butter pecan ice cream( especially at Mrtyle Beach while on the golf cart)
8. She likes fun jewelry.
9. DO NOT call her Granny.
10. She's a hard worker.
11. She doesn't sit down enough.
12. She one stubborn woman.
13. She gave her daughters that last trait!
14. She would die for her family.
15. She's been smacked on the rear by one of her son-in laws ( ask Wayne)
16. She can boogie down like nobody's business.
17. She a mighty fine clogger.
18. Her husband thinks she's Mighty Fine!
19. Don't call her Donna Jean!
20. She's the best friend a girl could have~ Love you Mom!

Feb 10, 19**

That's when my beautiful Momma was born. My Mom and her brother had a very difficult childhood due to many reasons. Their mother was sick most of their young lives and was hospitalized for MONTHS at a time. Their Dad was taken home to be with the Lord when my Mom was 11 years old. Can you imagine? Growing up and only seeing your mom when they could have visitation and then your Dad dying on his way home from one of those visits. My Mom and her brother just to "happen" to not go on that trip. It was God's plan. After years of being raised by aunts and uncle's they lost their mom when my Mom was in her early 20's. Thru it all, they survived and both my Mom and my favorite Uncle Mikie both have beautiful families and they have each other. I love you Mom and am so thankful for you! Thank you for not completely giving up on me and for loving my kids the way you do. I am PROUD to call you Mom! This is Mom at Christmas playing in the Dora tent with the grandkids. Shhh they're asleep.

Happy Birthday Nena. WE LOVE YOU!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fat girls can jump!!!

That's right! I even had pointed toes I might add (I was not a very good gymnast but I remember how to keep em pointed). My SIL sent these to me today and they are from her house back in the summer. My Dad used to compete on the trampoline when he was younger so he's taught me a thing or two.

Going up! I used to be able to keep the legs straight. That's what age and a little weight will do to you.

That's a little better. Note to self: next time on the trampoline were a different shirt! Also, go to the potty first. Three big babies are a little tough on the bladder while jumping :)

O.k. Mom, you can get off now so us kids can jump. You've showed off enough.

Like mother, like daughter!

O.k. girls, Mommy needs a nap now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My first Tag

My W.B.- There is no other
1.HIS NAME- Wayne Anthony Blaine ( yep that's right Wayne Blaine his parents did that to him- love you Ceil!)
2.HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN MARRIED- this April 15th will be 19 years
3.HOW LONG DID YOU DATE- dated 8 months then got engaged and married 7 months after that (guess what Natalie, I was 20 too). Actually Feb 2 was the 20 year anniversary for our 1st date and he ALWAYS tells me Happy Anniversary on that day.
5.WHO EATS MORE- duh! I weigh more does that tell you anything?
7.WHO IS TALLER- he is by just a couple of inches
8.WHO SINGS BETTER- I can't sing very well but bless his heart he couldn't carry a tune in a 20 gallon bucket (sorry honey but you know it's true)
9.WHO IS SMARTER-definitely him (we'll just keep that our little secret cause I'm not so sure he knows that)
11.WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY- there's so much laundry around here, everyone has to
12.WHO DOES THE DISHES- same answer as above
13.WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED- me, he sleeps next to the alarm clock
14.WHO PAYS THE BILLS- I pay the household bills he pays the business bills
15.WHO MOWS THE GRASS- Me and A#1 but mostly me, I'm a little picky and it's to much on his back
16.WHO COOKS DINNER- mostly me but that could be arguable
18.WHO'S MORE STUBBORN- kinda goes with the temper thing, man it's hard to admit that
19.WHO'S THE 1ST TO ADMIT THEIR WRONG- he is, rmember I'm stubborn
20.WHO'S PARENTS DO YOU SEE MOST- mine since we moved back to my hometown 10 years ago
21.WHO PROPOSED-he did!
22.WHO HAS MORE FRIENDS- me probably
23.WHO HAS MORE SIBLINGS- him 2 sisters 1 brother, me 2 sisters
24.WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN THE FAMILY-he says he does, after he washes and drys them :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I still H-E-A-R-T you!

Here are the rest of the Valentine Day decorations. Our table in the kitchen is handamde by the same people that made our dining room furniture and both entertainment armoire's. I love it. Oh sorry, I l-o-v-e- love it.

This is the 1/2 bath again. A#2 informed me that I didn't take enough pictures and that I forgot the sink. Oops.

These are sooo fun. I finished making them today and I l-o-v-e love them. I thought they turned out great for a first timer. Now, I need your help, where should they live? Here are the places they seem to be happy with:

Here they are in the foyer on the black jelly cupboard (another piece handmade). They look comfortable here and they really like the heart paper chain that I made last week out of some scrapbook paper.

Here they are on the bench in the foyer(made by the same people). They like it here but might get a little lonely. However I think the bench is very happy to have them visit.
So what do ya think? Maybe I'll have to make them some friends. I thought about x's and o's you know like xoxo. Great, another project.

Monday, February 4, 2008

On the Defense

Look at our ball player. That girl rocks! Now if she will just not duck when someone throws her the ball :) Defense is her game that's for sure. Just like in soccer she loves playing on the D. Just ask the girl she was up against in this game. She kept pushing A's arms down and right back up my girl would put them (in her face I might add).
That's Daddy in the background. He was the substitute coach for the weekend. He totally digs it!
Not sure what was going on with the faces other than they were really into the game. How can she be such a princess and such a brutt all wrapped up in one? Number 3 in the background is a force to be reckoned with. I've seen her throw the ball from half court, like she throwing a baseball, and make the shot! She did it in this game too. Of course A wasn't blocking her ;) or she wouldn't have made it. Yes I am the obnoxious Mom! Not as bad as some, I can keep myself in check when necessary.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I HEART you!

Do you HEART me? Well I hope so but just in case, I thought I would make the house look like we heart each other. These are a few of the fun things I like to put up to share the love around here.

I do L-O-V-E love the apothecary jars that I found at a super bargain price. I have lots of plans for them. They will be very busy little boogers around here. I had to take 2 pictures of them because I couldn't decide where they should live for now.

Then there is the 1/2 bath. It's just to darn cute since W finshed it. If only I could find a floor man to put the new tile that's patiently waiting in the garage ;) Might just have to go to the tile Super Woman that installed our bathroom tile. She ROCKS! Anywho, I love these cute little towels and such.

You know my love of children's books so of course there are several for my Valentine's. Everyone HEARTS you, even Elmo! The girls run to these everyday when it's time to read.

Hmmm, looks like I need the tile Super Woman for the foyer tile too. Anyone know how I can get in touch with her? If you only knew how often I clean this WHITE tile, you too would be looking for her with me.

Remember, I H-E-A-R-T heart you. Have a blessed day!


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