Monday, February 25, 2008

Living a dream

That's A#1 sitting in that plane. For his 18th b-day we had a friend of ours father take him up in his plane. A#1 had no idea we had this planned for him. When we got to the airport at Va Tech and introduced him, he sorta figured it out. I have never seen him smile sooooo much. He was thrilled beyond belief. As most of you know this is what A#1 is going to college for. He has been on many, many commercial flights but never on a small top wing plane. These are what he will be learning on until he moves on to the big airlines. They were up for an hour or so and A#1 got to actually take the controls for awhile. WOWZA! When they returned Mr. B told hubby that A#1 was a natural. He said he had given lessons to many people and never had any pick it up as quickly as he did. He said A#1 had a feel for it as soon as they took off. We asked A#1 if this confirms to him what he is supposed to be doing and he said " OH YEAH!". I told Mr. B that we believed the Lord had something in store for A#1 and he said it was obvious to him as well. I had a very emotional moment when they came in and did 3 touch and go's. I didn't think I was going to stop crying. Hubby held on real tight and we talked about how awesome it is to actually see him living out a dream. Lord help me how am I going to let him go off to college? His sisters were so excited to watch him. Well actually A#3 was not happy at all until he got back on the ground. She did not want him to go up. Lord help her when he goes to college :) A#2 was bouncing off the walls with excitement. What a great thing for them to witness.
There he goes!
Touch and go!
Waiting very impatiently!
Safe and sound!
He has made a friend for life.
Welcome back son. What's that, why is my mascara running? DUH!!!!

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

That is so sweet! How memorable!


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