Thursday, February 21, 2008

A #1

I hope you won't mind if I brag. As mom to this young man I feel so proud and just wanted to share. WOW! This saturday he will be 18! I can't tell you how hard this is to realize. First that time has gone so quickly, second that he has survived me as his Mom, third that he will be going to college in just a few short months, fourth that I'm old enough to have an 18 year old and fifth that he survived me as his Mom. Oh, I already said that :) He is such a loving young person to everyone. He is very aware of what is right and what is wrong. He LOVES the Lord! He was saved when he was 8 years old. He wears his christian t-shirts to school as often as he can even though he goes to public school and alot of people question him for that. One boy that goes to school with him once said, "Oh yeah I know him. He's a good christian guy. I should hang out with him more." Whoa. He does NOT fit in nor does he want to fit in with the "crowd". On weekends he stays home or goes to a movie, that's his favorite thing to do. He can tell you all about some movies I'm telling ya. He has christian music on his i-pod, Casting Crowns, Newsboyz, Mercy Me and some music that he decribes as instrumentals that I just do not get.

Speaking of music, he sang in a boychoir when he was 8 til he turned 13. When he started in middle school he played in the band, percussion everything. He went on to play in high school and is hoping to maybe play in college. He can read music, play music and sing but DO NOT try to get him to do it in front of you because he won't. I keep teling him that one day the Lord is going to lay it on his heart to share his music and then he's going to have to lisen to his Momma say told ya so. Speaking of college, he's been accepted to Liberty University!!! YIIPPEEEE. We also just found out last week that he was accepted in to the Aviation dept. He's gonna fly! He wants to go into commercial flying first and then he said if the Lord leads him he wants to go into missionary aviation. He l-o-v-e loves to fly. He has been a student ambassador representing the United States and traveled to Australia when he was 16. Imagine how hard it was to send your 16 year old to the other side of the world. He thrived. He is and ambassador again this year and will be going to England, Scottland, Ireland and Wales this July. So COOOOOOL. He has been on 2 mission trips to Montana and loved it. I was fortunate enough to go on the last one with him and see his heart in action. I truly feel the Lord has something BIG in store for him. He has opened so many doors already. Did I mention the honor roll?

Well, are you sick of this Mom's pride yet? Hope not cause there's a bit more posts coming on this young man :)

P.S. if you know of any single young ladies that are christian let me know cause he needs a prom date!!!

P.P.S. I hope you all realize that I am not bragging on him because of anything that we have done as parents but because of what the Lord has done. Like I said earlier, he has survived me. He has the best Dad a kid could have and believe me they are ALOT alike!
His life verse is John 3:17

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100 Percent Cottam said...

you have plenty to be proud of! what a good boy, and a cutie, too!!! :)


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