Friday, January 20, 2012

Starting a revolution!

I have been blogging for several years now, not as faithfully as I would like, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I am not a super blogger like so many of you and that's ok. Most of this blog is about our family, our home and our kids adventures. Things have changed alot in our lives and in my life over the last few years and I need a revolution!! So I have started a new blog... Won't you come join me and follow along?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Change is a good thing

This is A#3's current room. When we purchased this house over 5 years ago she was still in a crib and so being the youngest child she got the smallest room. Well things are about to change.
A#1 is in his 4Th year of college and very rarely comes home. As A#3 was in her room one day with all her her Little People pulled out I walked in to join her and thought, "man I wish she had a bigger room." The next time A#1 came in for a quick visit I mentioned it to him and asked him what he thought about switching rooms with her. He was in agreement that it was a great idea and that he had given it some thought before. SO... it is in the process and she is THRILLED!!!
This is what her room looks like now, well not right now because it is being painted as I type and everything is in complete shambles. I will be sizing down some things that are in A#1's room and moving him into this one. A big project but one that is going to be a good change.
I do love this room and so does she. Now we have to decide what to do in the "new" room.
We'll be moving the chandi into the new room so that A#1 can have his awesome ceiling fan in here with him.
The white cabinet and the old iron bed are pieces that I bought for $20!!! FOR BOTH!!!!! Took the bed and had it sand blasted to get all of the rust off then just simply painted it and made new knobs. The cabinet was sanded down and painted. Then I added new knobs and some flower from and old wall paper border. These pieces actually were A#2's first furniture and then when we did her Paris room A#3 inherited these. The pink dresser I have told you about before. It was sitting outside one day waiting for the trash men to pick it up at our neighbor's house. I was about 8 months pregnant with A#3 when I asked A#1 to go outside and help me carry it inside and he about DIED!!! " Mom it's some one's trash!" Well look at it now son :) I painted and WB put some new feet on it and it is PRECIOUS!!! She will take this with her in years to come.
Now the hard part is going to be deciding on what to do in the new room. She can not make up her mind. We've talked about a New York theme, surfer girl and even cupcakes. Can't wait until we figure it out because change is good!!
P.S. If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why not you?

March 2011 I went back to work as a hairstylist and skin care tech after 7 years off. It has been a good change for me and the family but it has also been a tough change. Honestly, my kids have adjusted better than I have. Summer time was the most difficult for me because it was very hard not being home with them every day, lounging in the pool, going to the movies whenever we felt like it and just having that freedom. We were very blessed with a fantastic young lady that was able to keep them at our house. She came here, fixed breakfast, let them swim in their own pool, took them to the library and kept them very busy creatively.
As good as the change has been, there have been times when I have really questioned if this is what I truly want to do. Business is slow which in turn makes being motivated slow which in turn makes me wonder if I am truly doing and living my passion. I love the ladies I work with, I love my clients, the old and the new, and I love this business however I truly don't know that it is a passion. Am I making a difference in this world by doing some one's color? Am I making a difference in this world when I am in the facial room with a client for an hour. Am I making a difference in my own life?
I watch and listen to other people who truly love their jobs and talk about it with pride and joy. How and what did they do differently to get to that point. WB is one of those people. A girl I used to work with several years ago asked him if he liked his job to which he replied that he loves what he does. He loves watching the change in some one's home that he has created. He loves seeing the end result. I heard a quote one time, " Find what you love to do and make money doing it." That is what WB has done.
I keep asking myself why not you T? Why haven't you been able to say that?
Do you live and work your passion? Are you making a difference? Why not you?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011- picture overload...again

Yes I realize Christmas was over weeks ago however weeks is about how far behind I am on many projects. That handsome fella above is my nephew Cam. He is truly one of the coolest kids I him!

One of my other cool nephews, Peyton... love him!
This sweet niece, Lily, was very impressed with her new cowgirl boots that we brought back from Texas. She opened them, declared a big yeehaw and insisted that she put them on. My sister informed me that she has to hide them if she doesn't want her to wear them because otherwise they are her shoes of choice. :)
I was thrilled that she was so in love with her boots!!
Grandma and G-Daddy
Lily reading a Christmas card....hehehe.
After Christmas eve at G-ma and G-Daddy's we took a ride to the valley for some lights. The kids were thrilled because it had been several years since we traveled to see this display.
The island of misfit toys.
Christmas eve tradition includes new pj's for everyone. As I was opening mine Senator Rockefeller jumped up and started checking out my gift.
After the pj's are opened we read the book The Small One. A#3 was so excited this year that she could read some of the pages.
A#1 listening to the story.
My beautiful A#2 :)
My silly A#2 :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011- total picture overload

They started opening gifts from Santa before 6am!!
New snow tubes for everyone.

Santa even left a thank you.
Mmmm, new Philosophy for mommy.
Even Rockefeller loved his presents.
And then it was time for a Christmas morning nap.
Christmas day at Nena and Poppy's.
Uncle Steven.
A#3 was a little excited over her new American girl doll.
Kanani, A#3 and mommy.
My tree.

New Years/Christmas with the rest of the family.
Me and 2 of my sweet nephews, Caden and Mason.
Sis in law and sweet Ellie Marie.

The girls got new riding blankets!! YAY!!
Ellie and her daddy :)
In the middle of it all Rockefeller needed a nap.
Sister, brother and 2 of their kiddos.
Mason and his new buddy.
I didn't want to stop kissing her!! Those cheeks need to be kissed!!
Oh dear what a doll baby :)
Uncle W.B. having a picnic with Mason and Noah :)


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