Sunday, January 15, 2012

Change is a good thing

This is A#3's current room. When we purchased this house over 5 years ago she was still in a crib and so being the youngest child she got the smallest room. Well things are about to change.
A#1 is in his 4Th year of college and very rarely comes home. As A#3 was in her room one day with all her her Little People pulled out I walked in to join her and thought, "man I wish she had a bigger room." The next time A#1 came in for a quick visit I mentioned it to him and asked him what he thought about switching rooms with her. He was in agreement that it was a great idea and that he had given it some thought before. SO... it is in the process and she is THRILLED!!!
This is what her room looks like now, well not right now because it is being painted as I type and everything is in complete shambles. I will be sizing down some things that are in A#1's room and moving him into this one. A big project but one that is going to be a good change.
I do love this room and so does she. Now we have to decide what to do in the "new" room.
We'll be moving the chandi into the new room so that A#1 can have his awesome ceiling fan in here with him.
The white cabinet and the old iron bed are pieces that I bought for $20!!! FOR BOTH!!!!! Took the bed and had it sand blasted to get all of the rust off then just simply painted it and made new knobs. The cabinet was sanded down and painted. Then I added new knobs and some flower from and old wall paper border. These pieces actually were A#2's first furniture and then when we did her Paris room A#3 inherited these. The pink dresser I have told you about before. It was sitting outside one day waiting for the trash men to pick it up at our neighbor's house. I was about 8 months pregnant with A#3 when I asked A#1 to go outside and help me carry it inside and he about DIED!!! " Mom it's some one's trash!" Well look at it now son :) I painted and WB put some new feet on it and it is PRECIOUS!!! She will take this with her in years to come.
Now the hard part is going to be deciding on what to do in the new room. She can not make up her mind. We've talked about a New York theme, surfer girl and even cupcakes. Can't wait until we figure it out because change is good!!
P.S. If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.

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