Thursday, May 28, 2009


As if I didn't love The Nester already!! She is having a party today and we're all invited. One of my favorite things in the world are lamps. I counted and we have 16 in our house. Some are small, some are tall. Some were cheap, they all were cheap!! That's how I like to buy them, as cheap as possible. Take this light in our dining room. I just posted about it recently. It was a bargain that we purchased and packed away until it had a home in our new house.
The shades were my fave part. Love the dragonflies.
These 2 cuties were just purchased a couple of weeks ago. $5 for both with the shades!!!!! As much as I digress going to Wal-mart, sometimes it's a good thing!
All lit up.

This is one I love because A#1 made it!! When he brought it home from school I found a shade for $1 and covered it with an old Hawaiian shirt to go with his room. Love it!!
This is in A#3's room. Also a clearance item, this time from Target. The ribbons hanging from it are one's that came from gifts at her baby shower.

But this next one is my absolute favorite of all the one's in our house. I got this at our church yard sale a few years back. I paid $1 for it and it was UGLY!! Let's just say... brass! I spray painted it black and used some left over fabric from our bedroom to cover the shade. Hot glued some trim on the top and a black boa on the bottom. L.O.V.E. I.T. All hubby said when he first laid eyes on it was, "Feathers?"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Carrie!!

This is one of my sister's. She's A LOT (according to her) younger than me and today is her birthday. These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago at her baby shower. She is pregnant with her 3rd baby. She has 2 boys already and this one is a girl. Her name is Lily, short for Lillian. Well I wanted to give a shout out to Carrie for her birthday but more so I wanted to ask for your prayers. A week ago they found out that Miss Lily has a small bowel blockage and will need surgery as soon as she's born. This has been a difficult thing for everyone to wrap our brain's around because it just came on so suddenly. BUT..... we know that our prayers are being heard and that the lord is watching over them both. Will you join us in prayer for them and their precious family? Happy birthday Carrie!!! I love you and want you to know your sister is here. I know this is hard right now and the hormone's are not helping. IT'S GOING TO BE OK!!!!!!!! Miss Lily is going to be perfect and ROTTEN just like the rest of the girls in our family ( with the exception of us of course!!)
Carrie and Lily at their shower.

Carrie and her Momma and baby Lily in the middle.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Show Us Where You Live- Dining Room Sunday Edition

I love what Kelly over at
is doing on Fridays. It is so fun to look at every one's home and see how creative people are. This week was dining rooms and as usual I am a few days behind, but here is our dining room.
My pictures are hard to see but the color is a very neutral taupe/beige. IT is what we have painted the whole downstairs.

These are the "mistreatment's" I put together for the dining room. Just some fabric from Jo Anne's and a few ring clips.

The "Say Grace" sign was a birthday gift from a dear friend of mine.
Our dining room furniture is all made by some local people that have stolen my heart with their creativity. We have pieces from them all over the house. I walked into a craft show and called my hubby and said I have found the dining room furniture I want get over here now! Their craftsmanship is great. It is hard for me to believe they do their work in an old garage out in the middle of nowhere.

This is a tin sign that I got from TJ Maxx for dirt cheap.

My plate rack with some more deals only this time from Ross. I think I paid $6 for all of these plates. I would've taken a close up of them because they are so pretty.
The rest of our furniture from the same people. This is my favorite piece out of them all. The wife of the man that made the furniture did all of the painting on the front of this cabinet. It is BEAUTIFUL!!

This is what's on top of the armoire. My very large sponge ware bowl and a few apothecary's. You can kind of see some of the detail on the cabinet.

And this is one of the reasons I love it. We currently use it to hold our computer and our office stuff. If I ever wanted to I could use it as a TV cabinet or even an armoire for clothing. The drawers are even velvet lined. I won't even tell you how much we paid, or didn't pay for these pieces because you might not believe it.
Another corner in the dining room.
This chandelier was a bargain and spent it's first year stored in our attic until time to make it's appearance when we finished working on the room. It was on clearance for less than $70, shades included.

These are the new lamps I just bought for the top of the hutch. $5 clearance at Wal-mart for both of them!

This is just a close up of the table. I love the legs
The chairs are part of the reason we liked the set so much. They are large and in charge!
Hope you have enjoyed. Stop by anytime!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Busy Blaine's

What a funny face!! Well as per the norm, the Blaine's have a very busy month. Last night we had AWANA awards and the girls had a great year. This was A#3's first year as a cubbie and she LOVED it!! It didn't hurt that her leaders were Mrs. Crystal, our pastor's wife, and Mrs Rita, one of her pre-school helpers. She would go home with them both on any given day. This is her receiving one of her awards for game time.
Sweet Jordan!! A#3's cousin and buddy in pre-school and in cubbies. This girl is a MESS!!!! All the more reason to love her.
A#2 in now in TNT (Truth In Training). She had a very good year but I think she was a little surprised at how much more she really had to study her verses this year. They're tough. (sorry for the bad pictures, my camera stinks!!)

The cubbies in action!!
A#2 walking in with her class.
Here come the cubbies.
In between all the madness lately, A#3 wanted a picture of just her and her Mommy.

And to our schedule we add, FLYING!!!! A#1 is home for the summer and had a FANTASTIC year. He started his flight training this week and as I type this is getting ready to go for his Thursday flying. Talk about nerve rattling!! A#3 had a bit of a melt down on Tuesday when she thought he was leaving already yo go back to school. She was so upset until he convinced her he would be back later that same day.

There he goes. He has his pilot bag in one hand and his bag of snacks in the other!!

Have I ever told you how proud we are of this young man?

Mother's day we went to church and then came home and changed clothes, grabbed a soccer ball, bought some fried chicken and headed to the park.

We had so much fun and the weather was perfect.
A#2 hung out with me for a little while. We were both so full of chicken we just wanted to sit before kicking the ball around.

Hubby in action. Nice form :-)
A#1 waiting for his Dad.

I think this picture is so funny!! After we left the park we headed to my Mom's to visit and eat dinner. It was a great day!!!

And then last Thursday I got to bring my boy HOME!!!!!! As you can see, in the background A#3 was a little involved in her movie but don't let that fool you. She was literally counting down the days before she got to go with me to get him.
Carrying out his fridge.
And this is how he packed his bedclothes. NICE!!

Let's go Mommy!!!! Let's take him HOME!!!

It's a crazy, busy time of the year for us and it's so hard for me to believe that this time last year we were preparing for A#1 to graduate and head to Europe. Where has the year gone? We've got a lot coming up with field trips, a baby shower for my sister, company coming for a visit, a beach trip etc. BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!! God is good!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Show us where you live- Living Room

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Where You Live every Friday. I missed last week when it was the kitchen so I 'll do that later. This week is Living Rooms. Pop on over to Kelly's blog and check out every one's beautiful rooms.
Well my pictures got a little out of order and I am pressed for time so I'm just gonna leave it. Here are my "mistreatments". These are what I put up in our living room for the spring and summer. Hubby noticed right away the first time and talked about how they really brighten the room up.
These are the one's I put up in the fall and winter. I've done a post about these before if you want to know how I "mistreated" these pre-made velvet curtains.
This is standing in our living room looking at the front door and foyer and into the dining room. By the way, as you are looking around, check out the new floors hubby has put down, the tile and the wood. It's nice to be married to a floor man!

This is just a little metal sign I got for $5. It was green until I spray painted it.
The mirror over the love seat was gold. Yep, spray paint.

On the table is the hand made "cloche" I made with a $1.97 glass vase from Wal-mart with a 50 cent candle holder and a knob I had laying around. Glue them all together and flip them upside down.

A "cloche" closeup.

No time today to show you the family room so I'll have to get to that another time. Kelly, thanks for being such a gracious host and thank you for sharing your testimony and your faith. Harper is a miracle!!!


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