Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Busy Blaine's

What a funny face!! Well as per the norm, the Blaine's have a very busy month. Last night we had AWANA awards and the girls had a great year. This was A#3's first year as a cubbie and she LOVED it!! It didn't hurt that her leaders were Mrs. Crystal, our pastor's wife, and Mrs Rita, one of her pre-school helpers. She would go home with them both on any given day. This is her receiving one of her awards for game time.
Sweet Jordan!! A#3's cousin and buddy in pre-school and in cubbies. This girl is a MESS!!!! All the more reason to love her.
A#2 in now in TNT (Truth In Training). She had a very good year but I think she was a little surprised at how much more she really had to study her verses this year. They're tough. (sorry for the bad pictures, my camera stinks!!)

The cubbies in action!!
A#2 walking in with her class.
Here come the cubbies.
In between all the madness lately, A#3 wanted a picture of just her and her Mommy.

And to our schedule we add, FLYING!!!! A#1 is home for the summer and had a FANTASTIC year. He started his flight training this week and as I type this is getting ready to go for his Thursday flying. Talk about nerve rattling!! A#3 had a bit of a melt down on Tuesday when she thought he was leaving already yo go back to school. She was so upset until he convinced her he would be back later that same day.

There he goes. He has his pilot bag in one hand and his bag of snacks in the other!!

Have I ever told you how proud we are of this young man?

Mother's day we went to church and then came home and changed clothes, grabbed a soccer ball, bought some fried chicken and headed to the park.

We had so much fun and the weather was perfect.
A#2 hung out with me for a little while. We were both so full of chicken we just wanted to sit before kicking the ball around.

Hubby in action. Nice form :-)
A#1 waiting for his Dad.

I think this picture is so funny!! After we left the park we headed to my Mom's to visit and eat dinner. It was a great day!!!

And then last Thursday I got to bring my boy HOME!!!!!! As you can see, in the background A#3 was a little involved in her movie but don't let that fool you. She was literally counting down the days before she got to go with me to get him.
Carrying out his fridge.
And this is how he packed his bedclothes. NICE!!

Let's go Mommy!!!! Let's take him HOME!!!

It's a crazy, busy time of the year for us and it's so hard for me to believe that this time last year we were preparing for A#1 to graduate and head to Europe. Where has the year gone? We've got a lot coming up with field trips, a baby shower for my sister, company coming for a visit, a beach trip etc. BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!! God is good!!


Anonymous said...

Im so happy A#1 is home for the summer and I know the girls are.
Im so proud of you A#1 go fly that plane. We love you and are so very proud of you.


Lisa said...

AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW 3 of my favorite kiddos.....


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