Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Carrie!!

This is one of my sister's. She's A LOT (according to her) younger than me and today is her birthday. These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago at her baby shower. She is pregnant with her 3rd baby. She has 2 boys already and this one is a girl. Her name is Lily, short for Lillian. Well I wanted to give a shout out to Carrie for her birthday but more so I wanted to ask for your prayers. A week ago they found out that Miss Lily has a small bowel blockage and will need surgery as soon as she's born. This has been a difficult thing for everyone to wrap our brain's around because it just came on so suddenly. BUT..... we know that our prayers are being heard and that the lord is watching over them both. Will you join us in prayer for them and their precious family? Happy birthday Carrie!!! I love you and want you to know your sister is here. I know this is hard right now and the hormone's are not helping. IT'S GOING TO BE OK!!!!!!!! Miss Lily is going to be perfect and ROTTEN just like the rest of the girls in our family ( with the exception of us of course!!)
Carrie and Lily at their shower.

Carrie and her Momma and baby Lily in the middle.

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Suzette said...

I just said a prayer for sweet Lilly and your sister! I can only imagine how hard that is to go thru... Happy bday to your sis!


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