Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God moved in!

A while back I wrote a post about struggling with a few things in our lives. Remember that? Well I'm not here to tell you that things are 100% better but I am here to tell you that God has moved in on several things. I have felt His presence more in the last week than I have in A LONG TIME!! A couple of months back when I realized that several of my friends would not be going to the E Women conference coming up I had the bight idea to volunteer there instead of going as a listener. Before we go any further let me tell you just how out of my comfort zone this was for me. Not so much the volunteering as doing it by myself. I love doing things with a group of ladies, together, all at the same time, not alone ;) but for some reason I did this ALONE!! Probably not a big deal for some of you but for me it was. Well of course I tried my best to talk myself out of it once I had received a confirmation that I was accepted. Even up until I was driving to Roanoke I was telling myself I could just turn around and go home. After all I was missing a A#2's soccer game and I know she will miss me being there screaming my head off for her and her team ;) Even when I was standing in the waiting area waiting for our volunteer meeting to start, I could still just leave right? And then to top it all off, I had volunteered to work wherever they needed me even passing out lunch box's. To my surprise they put me with Nancy Leigh De Moss's product table and this was a big deal. She is one of the top as far as women's ministry is concerned and I just knew she would be able to see right thru me. Then 2 ladies from her ministry showed up to show us all what to do and I thought, yep they are gonna send me packing for sure. There are a few details that I will leave out as far as how the Lord was speaking to me during the volunteer meeting, because you see that was not Him speaking telling me to go home. Someone said a few things before we even got started and I KNOW those words were meant for my ears. Later on I was able to pull this gal aside and tell her that I wasn't there to hear all the keynote speakers, the Lord put me there to hear what she said. We stood and hugged for a few minutes and I just thanked God for blessing me with the chance to be there.
Then to top it all off I got to meet some of the nicest people in the world. This is me with Stormie OMartian. Some of you might know her book The Power of a Praying Wife. She has many other books but this one is a stand out in my house. I did get to hear a little of her testimony on Saturday and let me tell you it is powerful!! I would like to encourage you to read this book even if your marriage is perfect. The Lord knows mine is far from it and He has blessed her with an amazing ministry to help women.
This is Karen Kingsbury. I LOVE HER!!!! When I told my grandmother Sunday that I got to meet her, she was so excited and said she is reading one of her books right now. She is so beautiful and just has a warmth that surrounds her. I'm not kidding you can actually feel it when you are around her. She has written a new children's book and she read it on stage Saturday and had 10,000 women in tears!!!
The conference was sold out!!

Then there's Charles!!! Oh Charles can you sing!!!! If you have never heard him YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!! Please find a way to hear him, you will not be disappointed.
Remember DJ Tanner from the show Full House? Yep, met her too. Candace Cameron Bure. She is tiny and so pretty!!!! And what a speaker.

And the lady that I had the pleasure of working for, Nancy Leigh De Moss.
This is what being a Godly woman is all about. She is wonderful. I watched her take her time with every single woman she met and I watched her cry and pray with several of them. Her heart is burdened for us all.

Amy Grant was there to sing on Saturday. I didn't get to meet her but I got as close as I could to take her picture. She is tiny too. What is it with all these little skinny people?
This is the group of ladies I had the privilege to work with all weekend. What a blessing they all were. I pray that I will be able to see them again some day. They all touched my heart!
After a whirlwind on Friday and Saturday, we had some special people coming to church on Sunday. The Sounds of Liberty!!! I booked them a couple of months ago to come and sing for us and could not wait for people to hear them. I wish you could hear my voice right now because I would be screaming....... INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, FANTASTIC!!!! I could go on and on and on. These guys are all students at Liberty University and they are WONDERFUL!!!! Can you tell I like them? If you want to know more, you will have to ask me because I seriously could talk your ear off about them. Look them up and listen. YOU MUST!!!!

The Sounds with Pastor Mike and Crystal

God you are AMAZING and I know you are hearing me and loving me in spite of myself. Thank you for these blessings that you put in front of me this weekend. I know they were all a gift from YOU!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept.... so far

I'm not sure I can even tell you just how busy we have been around here but I'll give it a start. This cute bucket was for a good friend of ours that is 12 and just had to have a major knee surgery. After I personalized it, me and the girls filled it with lots of goodies and ran it by for a quick visit to drop it off. I have heard that the Starbursts were his fave ;)

And then AWANA started back in full swing. The girls had so much fun at the kickoff party. There was lots of jumping and lots of goodies. This is A#3 waiting in line for her turn in the bouncy house.

A#2 and one of her good buddies waiting for their turn.

A#2 inside the bouncer.

A#3 has a special place in her heart for her Great Aunt Sissy. I caught the 2 of them in a conversation during the party. I love this picture. By the way, A#3's hair is like that because that is the sweatiest child you will ever meet.
And then there is soccer. A new adventure for A#3 and a returning one for A#2. A#3 has been so excited that she lives in her soccer clothes ALL WEEKEND!! I kid you not. On this day she had a friend over, or should I say a "boyfriend", and she had to put her soccer clothes on before he left so she could show him. He looks impressed don't you think?
And there she goes. She has scored at every game so far and the pure joy that she has so far has just been a blast to watch.

The best thing to her is that her Daddy is her coach. HE LOVES IT!!!! And they love him!

There he is with his team.

How do you keep 3 and 4 year old occupied for an hour? I have no idea but so far he is doing a great job.
After A#3's first game we headed downtown for a Hokie tailgate. Turns out the best thing for our family was the fact that there were firetrucks there!!! She still has a thing for them.

Hubby is the assistant coach for A#2 and they have the best team. It has been 2 full years since she played and she is doing fantastic. She even made the first goal of the season! A great bunch of girls and a wonderful coach.

The Green Goblins (aka the Green Boogers!)

She is doing such a great job! She is also still taking riding lessons and very active in her Girl Scouts and of course AWANA again.
Victory at their first game!!
Following the first game there was our first fundraiser at the local ice cream shop, Gardners. YUMMO!

On top of all the hustle and bustle I had to get a new do. My hair is still recovering from the weight loss and falling out so I had to go a little shorter than usual. Thanks to my sister/stylist for the cute do!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sign up TODAY!!!

Have you signed up yet for the Extraordinary Women's Conference? They are coming to our area ladies and I am SOOOO EXCITED to tell you that I will be working there for the weekend as a volunteer. If you want a chance to win 2 free tickets go to http://www.ewomenblog.blogspot.com/ and leave your comment. I hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

About as random as it gets

That's what this post is, random things that have been going on for the Blaine's. School is back in full swing for the kiddos and so far so good. Me and A#3 have had a great time with our lessons at home and I can see the things she has learned already. Let's just say that every time she sees the letter i she let's me know it. Every single time ;) And as per the norm for us there has to be an injury thrown in there somewhere. And yes it is usually from the hubby and yes that is his big fat thumb in that picture.
Me and A#3 had went to visit sweet Lily girl and had been there about an hour when he called and asked where we were. Why? Because one of our employees is taking him to the ER because he had a little run in with the table saw and the table saw won! WHAT?!!!! You see, usually when he cuts himself, which is a lot, he will just throw some duck tape on it (seriously!) and come home when he's finished working and never even mention it. Or there has been a time or two that he has driven himself to the doctor so when he said someone else was taking him, that was my first clue that it was a bad one. So I leave to head to the hospital and he calls back and says they are taking him to xray because if he has cut bone he needs to go right into surgery. WHAT?!!! I'm already praying as I'm driving but now I go into overdrive in the prayer department and start calling people to ask them to pray. Thankfully my mom was close enough that she ran over to stay with him until I could get there. When we arrived my mom came out and stayed with A#3 (thanks again Mom!!!) so I could go back. Praise God he DID NOT cut any bone so the doctor was finishing up the stitches when I arrived. Poor hubby was in a lot of pain and it showed. I don't mean to gross you out but let's just say hamburger with stitches!!! YUCK!!! Praise the Lord he is healing well but of course he is back at work full steam ahead.
Look at that face!!! She is doing so well and growing so strong.

In other randomness, fall soccer has begun and this year we have two players. A#3 is on top of this world that she gets to play this year. Hubby is assistant coach to both of them. A#3 had practice at 9am and she was up and dressed, cleats and all, at 7:20!!

She looks like she gonna be a great one doesn't she?
The next picture made me cry because she looks soooo grown up :(
And then there is this little guy. Foster-man started kindergarten and he LOVES IT!!! Doesn't he look to little to be going to school? By the way, the hairdo was inherited from his dad :)

And then I have been trying to get a little crafting in. This was for A#2's teacher. A bucket full of star bursts for his class. The funny thing is, HE ate them ALL!!!
And around the house things are in full back to school mode, including the apothecaries. Full of crayons, markers, scissors and glue.

Well that's the randomness for now. Hope you are all well and ready for Fall!!!


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