Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept.... so far

I'm not sure I can even tell you just how busy we have been around here but I'll give it a start. This cute bucket was for a good friend of ours that is 12 and just had to have a major knee surgery. After I personalized it, me and the girls filled it with lots of goodies and ran it by for a quick visit to drop it off. I have heard that the Starbursts were his fave ;)

And then AWANA started back in full swing. The girls had so much fun at the kickoff party. There was lots of jumping and lots of goodies. This is A#3 waiting in line for her turn in the bouncy house.

A#2 and one of her good buddies waiting for their turn.

A#2 inside the bouncer.

A#3 has a special place in her heart for her Great Aunt Sissy. I caught the 2 of them in a conversation during the party. I love this picture. By the way, A#3's hair is like that because that is the sweatiest child you will ever meet.
And then there is soccer. A new adventure for A#3 and a returning one for A#2. A#3 has been so excited that she lives in her soccer clothes ALL WEEKEND!! I kid you not. On this day she had a friend over, or should I say a "boyfriend", and she had to put her soccer clothes on before he left so she could show him. He looks impressed don't you think?
And there she goes. She has scored at every game so far and the pure joy that she has so far has just been a blast to watch.

The best thing to her is that her Daddy is her coach. HE LOVES IT!!!! And they love him!

There he is with his team.

How do you keep 3 and 4 year old occupied for an hour? I have no idea but so far he is doing a great job.
After A#3's first game we headed downtown for a Hokie tailgate. Turns out the best thing for our family was the fact that there were firetrucks there!!! She still has a thing for them.

Hubby is the assistant coach for A#2 and they have the best team. It has been 2 full years since she played and she is doing fantastic. She even made the first goal of the season! A great bunch of girls and a wonderful coach.

The Green Goblins (aka the Green Boogers!)

She is doing such a great job! She is also still taking riding lessons and very active in her Girl Scouts and of course AWANA again.
Victory at their first game!!
Following the first game there was our first fundraiser at the local ice cream shop, Gardners. YUMMO!

On top of all the hustle and bustle I had to get a new do. My hair is still recovering from the weight loss and falling out so I had to go a little shorter than usual. Thanks to my sister/stylist for the cute do!!


Rach said...

VERY cute 'do!

The pix of the girlies are wonderful, and what a BUSY September ya'll have had!!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I love the hairdo! You know it is fall when Awana starts again (and fall sports too!) great pics!

the treat girl said...

Hi....I wanted to thank you for stopping by my little bloggy and becoming a follower :) I can't wait to peek around yours.....have a beautiful day!!!


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