Thursday, October 30, 2008

Press on CJ!!!

A few days ago I asked for your prayer for this young man and I would like to continue to do so. This young man needs a break in his life right now that only the Lord can give him. PLEASE don't stop praying for him. He has dedicated his life to serving his country and has done more than anyone in the Army could ever be expected to do. As a FREE UNITED STATES CITIZEN, we should all say thank you to him and lift him up like never before.
CJ this song is one of my all time favorites and when I was looking for it I came across this version I had never heard before, I had to put it on here for you. You should be very proud of yourself for how you have served your country and know that nothing you have done has been in vain. Everyone in your family loves you and could never be any prouder of you than we are now. PRESS ON!!!! You have to press on in Jesus name.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RUN, don't walk!

To your local B. MOSS clothing store. Today only, all redline merchandise is an ADDITIONAL 70% off. Holy macaroni I got some awesome things today. A girl that's lost 55 pounds needs some new clothes after all! Have fun and let me know what you find.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


1. What is your favorite thing about Halloween? When I was little obviously trick-or-treating. Now, decorating for Halloween.
2. What is your favorite Halloween tradition? When I was little it was going to the little old sisters house for homemade popcorn balls.
3. What was your favorite all-time costume from childhood or adulthood? I was a princess one year for our Brownie party. I loved the tiara!
4. Scary Halloween decorations or cutesy? Cutesy. My kids are still young and I don't want to scare them too badly.
5. What is your favorite Halloween memory? The fact that we would trick-or-treat all night long and fill up huge pillowcases full of candy. We ate it as we went along. We didn't have to worry about the fact that it might have been tampered with.
6. What is your favorite scary movie? None. I hate scary movies. I scare myself and will think about it for weeks after I have seen it. Right A#1?
7. Candy Corn...Love it or Hate it? Hate it but the family loves it. That's some candy I will buy lots of because I know I will not eat it! I do love candy corn decorations though.
8. What was your favorite Halloween party activity? Remember that Brownie party, one year we had to walk thru the kitchen blindfolded and stick our hands in all the ooey, gooey stuff and guess what it was. Eyeballs= Olives etc.
9. What is your least favorite Halloween party activity? Bobbing for apples...does anyone still do that?
10. Painted pumpkins or carved? Well carving of course!
Tag you're it! Hope you play along.


Another Aviation test..... another PERFECT SCORE!!!! A#1 you are a rock star and I can't wait til your first solo.
ALPHA-ALPHA-ROMEO-OSCAR-NOVEMBER, can you all figure out what that means in pilot lingo?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Weekend and a 4 year old

We had a WONDERFUL time at Liberty this past weekend for family weekend. As you can see in this picture A#1 is thriving at college. We could not be prouder. This was taken at a meet and greet held Saturday morning in the student center.
Friday night we went to the hockey game. Liberty was playing against a semi pro team from Richmond and although they lost, they really did well. I'm not sure why but I love ice hockey games. The girls seemed to really enjoy it too.

I think A#1 might have even enjoyed himself. He's planning on going to the game in November when Liberty takes on Va Tech.

Nena and Poppy came up for the day.

So did Aunt Dee.

And Grandma and Grand-daddy.

As well as the rest of the crew. M, Miss C and Aunt T.

The three amigos back together again.

After the meet and greet and a little time together we all headed over to the dining hall, aka "the rot" for lunch and a birthday celebration. Here you can also see Ma and Cade man.

Mmmmmm, nothing like dining hall food.

The birthday girl was a little unsure of the hat once we put it on her.

Her reaction as we are all singing Happy Birthday. Can't you see how thrilled she was.

Time to blow out the candles. Yeah, that ain't happening.

She perked up a little as she was opening presents.

After lunch and a brief tour of the campus we headed to the football game. IT WAS A BLAST!! Especially with all of the entertainment from Cade man. That's a whole other story :)

There's Ma in her Liberty red watching the game. Sad to say, they lost. It was painful too because they were on an 11 game winning streak. Bummer.

The Flames marching band. Man do I miss watching A#1 play those drums.
Sunday we all went to Campus Church and then out to lunch. I wish it was family weekend every week because I'd be there for sure. Love you A#1 and Happy Birthday A#3. It was a great time being together.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Look out A#1, here we come!

Well we're off to college. It's family weekend at LU and we are all excited. We'll be at Liberty by early Friday morning to attend convocation with A#1 and then he's stuck with us for the whole weekend. While there we will be visiting with some of his professors, eating in the dining hall (aka "the rot"), attending a football game, showing all of the grandparents around the campus, visiting the airport where he will be flying next semester and also celebrating A#3's 4Th birthday on Sunday. Pray for us all as we travel and pray that the Lord will allow us a wonderful time full of memories. Look out buddy!!!!!! We're coming.

Ragmuffins and candy corn

While hubby has been busy workin on the new floors and painting, here's what I have been up to. I have made several of these "ragmuffin" garlands (that's what the Nester calls them and I like the Nester too much to change the name). I have made a few before and I just think they are so stinkin cute. This one was for my Mom and she was tickled about it. Good for fall all the way thru Thanksgiving.

This one is the same material just bigger. I love it!!! I've been looking for some pumpkins or some kind of leaves to hang from it. This is not where it is hanging in the house. It was just easier for the picture.
These were our Happy October gifts to the girls' teachers. They turned out so cute.

As a matter of fact they turned out so cute I decided to make some more and put a for sale sign on them. If you are interested and you live local, they are $7 and I'll include a gift bag. So far I've sold 8! They are just adorable (the pics do not do them justice).

Aren't they precious? I love 'em.

Monday, October 13, 2008


This young man needs all of our prayers. This is one of my favorite persons in the whole world. My cousin CJ is a war hero, a child of God, a great friend and just a hoot to be around. I have posted before about his tour of duty in Iraq and how he was honored as a soldier that went above and beyond his call of duty but at this time he needs as much prayer as possible. He is going thru a very bad time right now as is his family because of their worry and I would ask that each and every one of you pray as you have never prayed before for our military. CJ has served our country and has served us all so that we might enjoy the freedoms that we have and we owe it to him. The U.S. Army is letting all of our family down at this time but we know that thru it all CJ will prevail with Jesus by his side. He has been thru sooooo much and has seen so much heartache in his short life, please ask the Lord to work things out and allow CJ some time to heal. WE LOVE YOU CJ AND HAVE BEEN ON OUR KNEES AND IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD FOR YOU!!!! WE WILL SEE YOU SOON!!!!!! PLEASE REVIVE HIS HEART LORD AND LET HIM KNOW THAT EVERYTHING HE HAS STOOD FOR HAS NOT BEEN IN VAIN.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Come fly with A#1

How could I have forgotten to tell you this?! Last week I picked A#1 up for fall break and on that morning he had an aviation exam. Well on Saturday he checked his email and guess what the little booger got? PERFECT SCORE!!!!!!!! That's right, the smarty did it again. He was so excited. He kept saying, "Mom come here I have something to show you. Mom come here please. Mom, NOW!!!" Betcha I'll go the first time from now on. Love you buddy and I am so proud of you. Anyone looking to hire a private pilot? I know where you can find a good one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Punkins everywhere

A weekend with the kids ( all of them).

Going on a hayride (hubby looks like a grouch!)

They were so thrilled that A#1 was home on fall break.

Posing for daddy.

A#1 just spotted an airplane (imagine that!).

Look at all of those pumpkins!!! this was the best season in a long time. This was just one field, there are at least four more just like this one.

Looking for the perfect one.

Daddy is looking for the one he wants too.

And this is what A#3 brought home. This was the one we looked and looked for!

Dinosaur eggs (that's what hubby told the girls and they thought that was so cool. A#3 wanted to stay until they hatched.

Country girls at heart. Now they want a real one.

A#1 preferred the goats.

The toddler maze. More my speed.

What's that smell? Oh that's right, cow's!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mommy of the year!!

Yep that's me! Here's why, guess what my kids had for dinner? Chocolate chip pancakes. That's good 'n healthy right! Wait it gets better. They ate that while watching Sponge Bob. I know, I know please don't report me to anyone. A#1 is home on fall break and I really showed him what he's been missing didn't I? Don't get me wrong, they were HAPPY!! In the grand scheme of things I guess it could've been worse. What about you? What are you doing to winn Mommy of the year? Please tell me I'm not the only one.


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