Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Weekend and a 4 year old

We had a WONDERFUL time at Liberty this past weekend for family weekend. As you can see in this picture A#1 is thriving at college. We could not be prouder. This was taken at a meet and greet held Saturday morning in the student center.
Friday night we went to the hockey game. Liberty was playing against a semi pro team from Richmond and although they lost, they really did well. I'm not sure why but I love ice hockey games. The girls seemed to really enjoy it too.

I think A#1 might have even enjoyed himself. He's planning on going to the game in November when Liberty takes on Va Tech.

Nena and Poppy came up for the day.

So did Aunt Dee.

And Grandma and Grand-daddy.

As well as the rest of the crew. M, Miss C and Aunt T.

The three amigos back together again.

After the meet and greet and a little time together we all headed over to the dining hall, aka "the rot" for lunch and a birthday celebration. Here you can also see Ma and Cade man.

Mmmmmm, nothing like dining hall food.

The birthday girl was a little unsure of the hat once we put it on her.

Her reaction as we are all singing Happy Birthday. Can't you see how thrilled she was.

Time to blow out the candles. Yeah, that ain't happening.

She perked up a little as she was opening presents.

After lunch and a brief tour of the campus we headed to the football game. IT WAS A BLAST!! Especially with all of the entertainment from Cade man. That's a whole other story :)

There's Ma in her Liberty red watching the game. Sad to say, they lost. It was painful too because they were on an 11 game winning streak. Bummer.

The Flames marching band. Man do I miss watching A#1 play those drums.
Sunday we all went to Campus Church and then out to lunch. I wish it was family weekend every week because I'd be there for sure. Love you A#1 and Happy Birthday A#3. It was a great time being together.


Anonymous said...

actually, i heard that LU made a comeback and beat the other hockey team 5-4.
- Aaron

Love My Life said...

Hope your son is enjoying college life!


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