Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My beautiful rider

It was a beautiful fall Sunday morning as we prepared to go watch our girl ride in her second horse show. It got off to a crazy morning as 3 out of the 4 horses that our trainer took had never shown before so their nerves got the best of them. One little guy named Buzz got a good scare as a tack box was dropped on the ground beside him. He broke free of his cross tie and took off in the woods and had to be chased down. Another newby that was tied beside of him, Jewel, rared back and broke free as well and took off among all of the other riders. Well after that every one's nerves were shot!! Including A#2's. She rode in 5 classes and didn't place at all this year. The horses were just all out of whack and wouldn't behave at all! Needless to say my girl was disappointed but after a little pep talk she bounced back. We'll just chalk it up to experience and getting prepared for the next one. Either way, I am one proud momma :)

A#2 on Megan.

A#2 on Bam. They competed in the costume contest as Dorothy and the scarecrow and they were precious!!

Sweet girl Jewel.

A#2 on her best buddy Bam. These 2 rode in the show last year and placed in 2 of the 3 classes they competed in. He is a rescue horse and has the sweetest spirit.

We have a ton more pictures that are way better than these but for now this is what I have available so enjoy.

Way to go A#2!!! You did such a great job and your mommy LOVES watching you and the way you have with these beautiful animals!

This is A#2 out at the barn during one of her lessons. GORGEOUS!!


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