Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Poppy!!!

The best Poppy ever is having a birthday. Poppy we love you and hope you have the best birthday yet. Thanks for loving us the way you do. The Blaine's are soooo grateful for you and could never tell you just how much you mean to us.

This is Poppy sporting his class of 2008 glasses at A#1's graduation cookout. A#1 and Poppy share a special bond and the pride he has for A#1 shows daily. He has missed him greatly since he started college. Poppy is even preparing to cook A#1 his fave while he's here this coming weekend on fall break. Salmon!!!!

Poppy, A#1 and Nena. A#1 was heading to his senior prom.

We Love you Poppy and pray that the Lord will continue to bless you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

More journeys for the weekend

A#1 has tons more pictures left but of course there is only so much I can tell you about them. We continue our journey in Ireland at the Maritime Museum.

When A#1 was younger he was fascinated with the Titanic. He watched every movie, read every book and had every computer program. He still likes to learn about it. He thought the exhibits were so cool.

These are actually from the ship.
Stay with us as we will be moving on to Scotland next!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hannah Frogs

Look what came to my house. I have had this for awhile now but had to wait to mail it out to it's rightful owner. There was a very special birthday involved so I couldn't show pictures until now. I know that EVERYONE in blog land is familiar with "The Nester" and if you're not you must be living under a rock. I wrote to her over the summer and asked if she could create something for someone very special. My cousin Rachael ( has become very near to my heart and I wanted to honor her Hannah on her birthday with a little something. Hannah went home to be with Jesus last summer and Rachael and Brien have been an amazing inspiration to us all since then. Their strength is nothing short of incredible. One of Hannah's favorite things was frogs! She loved them. When you read Rachael's blog, check out all of the frogs that make their appearance at their house every night. They literally climb the windows and peak inside. Wonder if Hannah has anything to do with that? :)

Who doesn't want a box from The Nester? I was jumping up and down and could not get it open fast enough.
There she is. The beautiful Hannah Frog. Look at the fab colors she used. Bright and beautiful just like Hannah.

Just hanging out waiting to have her picture taken before she moves on to her permanent home.

Just precious I tell ya!!!
Rachael I hope she will bring you lots of smiles every time you look at her. I loved the thought of her hanging out with you in your kitchen.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Fall ya'll

I L-O-V-E pumpkins! Every size, every color, I love them all. Hope everyone had a great 1st day of fall. These are just a few of our pumpkins in the Blaine household.

These are from Target last year and I wish I had enough for every step. They're so cute sitting there looking at you as you walk in the house.
This big guy was also from Target and he likes being among all of our fall books.

I made this cloche last week ( an idea from another blogger) and I love it!!! Total investment- $2.50. Had the pumpkins, the plate and the knob.

So on one of my nights of not sleeping (which by the way there have been way too many lately) I happened to turn on QVC. These 2 boogers were $7.00. They match my living room perfectly.

This was a house warming from my Mom and Poppy 2 years ago when we moved into our house. Isn't she pretty?

Our kids love anything personalized. I got this one last year at a local craft show. Sooo easy to make. One of these days I'm gonna steal hubbies saw and get busy.

Just a little mini pumpkin sitting around.

Oh my goodness this one is my VERY FAVE!!! A#2 made this 2 years ago and I pack it away with all the other fall stuff. She gets so excited when I get it out and put it on the fridge like she just made it today. Check out the spelling. wish I could say it had improved ;)

Everyone should have some shiny pumpkins.

So far there are no pumpkins outside, but the mums and the haystack are ready and waiting.

Oops! I take that back. I forgot about these beauties that sit on our front porch with their lights shining every night. I do believe I need to get busy and tie some pretty ribbon on them. Accesories make the outfit.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sparkles in Heaven

Happy Birthday Sweet Hannah! You will forever be in our hearts as we celebrate you today. I know things are super sparkly in Heaven, just the way you like it. We are praying for your mommy and daddy today and we know that they are making you so proud. Dance for all of us today while you listen to the angels rejoicing. Those streets of gold must be amazing to see on your birthday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Momma got a new do!!!

Lots of changes going on so I thought it was about time to fix the do. Besides that, with the recent weight loss there has been alot of hair loss involved. Good grief! I guess I'll have to be skinny and bald all at the same time!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The boy's got SKILLZ!!!

See that young man up there? Our first born, our only son, ATB, A#1 as you all know him. You all know that he is in college right? If you don't then you have definitley not been reading this blog because it's all I seem to talk about lately. You all know that he is majoring in aeronautics and wants to be a pilot and has wanted to be that since he was a little boy. Well, that little smarty had to take a final in one of his aviation classes already and was sooooo nervous about it. He has been waiting and waiting to find out his grade and guess what? THE HIGHEST GRADE IN THE CLASS OFFICIALLY BELONGS TO A#1!!!!!! He got a 97!!!!! Can I get an AMEN? Can I get PRAISE THE LORD? WOOHOOOOO. This is an answer to our prayers because he was very nervous and asked us to pray for him. I was on the phone with him yesterday when he found out and it lifted his spirits so much. He has been a little homesick and this is just what he needed. My goodness he was excited!
Way to go A#1- YOU ROCK!!!!! I can not wait to fly with you.

Our journey continues

As our journey continues, I wanted to show you A#1's pictures as they moved thru Wales. Since A#1 is away at college studying his brains out, it's hard for me to tell you exactly what each picture is so I will do my very best. At the bottom of the post you will see that I copied part of his itenerary so to give you a better description of everything he witnessed. ENJOY the scenery. That boy is so blessed!!!!

A castle in Wales as they are traveling. Can you imagine driving down the highway and then, hello there's a castle!

A highland Welsh village.


Going to the copper mines.

The coppersmith (I guess that's what you call them) is making an ax out of this.

Taking the tram in Wales.

So here is their itenerary- maybe this will help:

BANGOR, WALES • Travel to Llanberis, a quaint village at the foot of Mount Snowdon, once the slate quarrying capital of the world and the ancestral home of Thomas Jefferson. Visit the Welsh Slate Museum, followed by a short walk to the spectacular site of Dolbadarn castle, the last refuge of the Welsh princes. • Continue along the spectacular Llanberis Pass to the village of Beddgelert. Learn about the legends of Arthur and Merlin connected with this beautiful and mysterious valley. • Visit Conway, one of the finest medieval walled towns in Europe, dominated by Edward Longshanks' magnificent castle. Take a short battlement walk and admire the views around you! • Take a tram ride up to the Great Orme Copper Mine. One of the country’s most important archaeological sites, the mine dates back over 3000 years to the Bronze Age. During the orientation, gain valuable insight into the time-honored mining and smelting process. • During your time in Wales, you may notice the distinct Welsh language. In some areas, it is still the primary language and today you will learn some basic phrases in this Celtic language.
Cool huh? There's lots more to go. Sorry this is taking so long but as usual, the Blaine's are always very busy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A work in progress

That's me! A constant work in progress. Maybe it's just this time in my life with so many changes going on, kids growing up etc. but I have felt like for the past 3-4 years there have just been too many changes and I'm not keeping up very well. I'm not keeping up with my Lord the way I should, not keeping up with my husband the way I should, my kids or my friends. Things have changed so much and I just want to hide under a rock alot of the time so as not to have to deal with it all. Is it just me? I'm so sick and tired of watching people's marriages crumble before our very eyes that sometimes I don't work on mine the way I should. Don't get me wrong, hubby and I are fine, I am just so hurt by some of the things I have seen. I'm sick and tired of freindships falling apart. I truly have the best friends but it hurts to be so mad at someone that you want to take them by the shoulders and say,"what is wrong with you?" I'm sure there are many that would like to do the same to me. Our guest Pastor said yesterday what's wrong with saying ,"I'm sorry." What's wrong with saying" I forgive you". What's wrong with saying," will you forgive me?". Isn't that what we are supposed to do? As christians aren't we supposed to go to the ones that we are having a problem with and try to mend fences? To me that doesn't mean only one person should do this. It means ALL!! I am not pointing fingers at anyone, this is just something I am dealing with right now. Me, the constant work in progress. Change is what I am dealing with, or in my case not dealing with. My mom has always told me that I dwell on things too much and I know I do. I also know that these things are things that I need to, for once and for all, turn them over to my God. Isn't that why He went to that cross for me? To take all of this away and to forgive me for my failures in all areas of my life- my faith, my marriage, my parenting, my family and my friendships. Our lives are a temporary journey here on earth and there will be constant change. I just have to realize that once in my eternal home there will never be change. It will be glory forever!!! The sooner I realize that these changes are really just the Lord pruning the bushes, the sooner I can open my eyes to that glory.

* But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.
2Cor. 3:18

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Please pray for my sister C. She has been very sick for over a week now and went to the doctor today and has pneumonia. The doctor placed her on 4 different meds and if she is not better by friday they will be admitting her to the hospital. C is married to a great guy and has 2 boys that are very special to their aunt "Ninie" and I know they will take very good care of her but they need prayer as well. You know the saying, "when Momma ain't happy......"
Also please pray for my Mommaw as she has been sick for 2 weeks now as well. She has been thru 2 rounds of anitbiotics but is not getting better. They have tested her for the same thing but she was negative. I believe the Lord hears our prayers and wants us to turn to Him in our time of need. We covet your prayers for our family.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Somewhere in Ireland

I really wish I could explain these picture to you but I CAN"T!! All I know is they are in Ireland. A#1 came home this weekend from college and I should've had him sit down with me to do this but we just simply ran out of time. When he was getting ready to drive back he said it just went too fast Mom!! I AGREE!!! Way too fast. It was so good having him home though. A#3 had a difficult time when he left.

Driving thru Ireland. Look at the village! Can you just imagine stopping by for a visit?

Mountains of green!!!

The hat's from Ireland that's how I know where he is. You will see the Scotland hat soon. By the way, I did teach the child to wear his black socks with his balck tennis shoes. As smart as he is he just can't get that.
I shouldn't complain because at least he got someone to take his picture!! Very good A#1. I'm proud of you, white socks and all.

There that's better, can't see the socks :) Just his smile.

Green, green and more green.

I like this picture! Enjoy! Hopefully I can share more details on the next few.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let's continue, shall we?

It's been awhile since we went on our journey with A#1 so I thought it was about time we get back to where we left off. Can you see those people hanging from that tower? Yep, he's one of them. This was one of their adventures in Ireland. Repelling off of a castle tower. Of course, he loved it!!
This one makes me realize just how high up they were. Hope those ropes are strong!
There goes Isreal. A#1 said this was a great day and he really had to overcome a few things so he could take the plunge, so to speak.

Good job A#1!!!! How cool was this time in your life. All I could think of was The Amazing Race tv show and how all the "old" moms like me would be so embarassed to have all that stuff strapped to our big ole butts. Oh well, I would do it anyway!!!!


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