Sunday, September 7, 2008

Somewhere in Ireland

I really wish I could explain these picture to you but I CAN"T!! All I know is they are in Ireland. A#1 came home this weekend from college and I should've had him sit down with me to do this but we just simply ran out of time. When he was getting ready to drive back he said it just went too fast Mom!! I AGREE!!! Way too fast. It was so good having him home though. A#3 had a difficult time when he left.

Driving thru Ireland. Look at the village! Can you just imagine stopping by for a visit?

Mountains of green!!!

The hat's from Ireland that's how I know where he is. You will see the Scotland hat soon. By the way, I did teach the child to wear his black socks with his balck tennis shoes. As smart as he is he just can't get that.
I shouldn't complain because at least he got someone to take his picture!! Very good A#1. I'm proud of you, white socks and all.

There that's better, can't see the socks :) Just his smile.

Green, green and more green.

I like this picture! Enjoy! Hopefully I can share more details on the next few.

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Holy moly it is crazy green there! Beautiful! I am glad that you had a quick weekend with your son! I can imagine that was such a blessing. :)


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