Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Please pray for my sister C. She has been very sick for over a week now and went to the doctor today and has pneumonia. The doctor placed her on 4 different meds and if she is not better by friday they will be admitting her to the hospital. C is married to a great guy and has 2 boys that are very special to their aunt "Ninie" and I know they will take very good care of her but they need prayer as well. You know the saying, "when Momma ain't happy......"
Also please pray for my Mommaw as she has been sick for 2 weeks now as well. She has been thru 2 rounds of anitbiotics but is not getting better. They have tested her for the same thing but she was negative. I believe the Lord hears our prayers and wants us to turn to Him in our time of need. We covet your prayers for our family.


Lisa said...

I will definately be praying. I am sorry she is so sick....

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Praying!! I hope they both get better soon!


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