Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Fall ya'll

I L-O-V-E pumpkins! Every size, every color, I love them all. Hope everyone had a great 1st day of fall. These are just a few of our pumpkins in the Blaine household.

These are from Target last year and I wish I had enough for every step. They're so cute sitting there looking at you as you walk in the house.
This big guy was also from Target and he likes being among all of our fall books.

I made this cloche last week ( an idea from another blogger) and I love it!!! Total investment- $2.50. Had the pumpkins, the plate and the knob.

So on one of my nights of not sleeping (which by the way there have been way too many lately) I happened to turn on QVC. These 2 boogers were $7.00. They match my living room perfectly.

This was a house warming from my Mom and Poppy 2 years ago when we moved into our house. Isn't she pretty?

Our kids love anything personalized. I got this one last year at a local craft show. Sooo easy to make. One of these days I'm gonna steal hubbies saw and get busy.

Just a little mini pumpkin sitting around.

Oh my goodness this one is my VERY FAVE!!! A#2 made this 2 years ago and I pack it away with all the other fall stuff. She gets so excited when I get it out and put it on the fridge like she just made it today. Check out the spelling. wish I could say it had improved ;)

Everyone should have some shiny pumpkins.

So far there are no pumpkins outside, but the mums and the haystack are ready and waiting.

Oops! I take that back. I forgot about these beauties that sit on our front porch with their lights shining every night. I do believe I need to get busy and tie some pretty ribbon on them. Accesories make the outfit.


Anonymous said...

Love your decorations. Can I hire you? :-)

julie07 said...

Sorry! That anonymous comment is from me.


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