Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hannah Frogs

Look what came to my house. I have had this for awhile now but had to wait to mail it out to it's rightful owner. There was a very special birthday involved so I couldn't show pictures until now. I know that EVERYONE in blog land is familiar with "The Nester" and if you're not you must be living under a rock. I wrote to her over the summer and asked if she could create something for someone very special. My cousin Rachael (www.hannahandlily.blogspot.com) has become very near to my heart and I wanted to honor her Hannah on her birthday with a little something. Hannah went home to be with Jesus last summer and Rachael and Brien have been an amazing inspiration to us all since then. Their strength is nothing short of incredible. One of Hannah's favorite things was frogs! She loved them. When you read Rachael's blog, check out all of the frogs that make their appearance at their house every night. They literally climb the windows and peak inside. Wonder if Hannah has anything to do with that? :)

Who doesn't want a box from The Nester? I was jumping up and down and could not get it open fast enough.
There she is. The beautiful Hannah Frog. Look at the fab colors she used. Bright and beautiful just like Hannah.

Just hanging out waiting to have her picture taken before she moves on to her permanent home.

Just precious I tell ya!!!
Rachael I hope she will bring you lots of smiles every time you look at her. I loved the thought of her hanging out with you in your kitchen.


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

That is awesome!!! I totally did not know that Rach was your cousin, wow :) SUCH a fantastic idea. Love it.

Anonymous said...

That was the sweetest thing to buy Rachel a froggy in memory of Little Hannah.I know Rachel loved it...Mom


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