Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The boy's got SKILLZ!!!

See that young man up there? Our first born, our only son, ATB, A#1 as you all know him. You all know that he is in college right? If you don't then you have definitley not been reading this blog because it's all I seem to talk about lately. You all know that he is majoring in aeronautics and wants to be a pilot and has wanted to be that since he was a little boy. Well, that little smarty had to take a final in one of his aviation classes already and was sooooo nervous about it. He has been waiting and waiting to find out his grade and guess what? THE HIGHEST GRADE IN THE CLASS OFFICIALLY BELONGS TO A#1!!!!!! He got a 97!!!!! Can I get an AMEN? Can I get PRAISE THE LORD? WOOHOOOOO. This is an answer to our prayers because he was very nervous and asked us to pray for him. I was on the phone with him yesterday when he found out and it lifted his spirits so much. He has been a little homesick and this is just what he needed. My goodness he was excited!
Way to go A#1- YOU ROCK!!!!! I can not wait to fly with you.


Julie said...

Way to go A! You rock!!!

GillespiesGirl said...


Anonymous said...

Aaron, Way to go........Nena and Poppy are so proud of you. I had no doubt that you would have the best score.
We love you and miss you. Cant wait to see you.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Congrats to your boy!! Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Great job Aaron! We're so proud of you!! ~Mike, Jennifer & Max Mickey

Anonymous said...

Great job Aaron!! Can't wait to see you in October.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

WELL I NEVER.........expected anything less than your VERY BEST. Go ahead show them whatcha got. Keep up the awesome job. We're very proud of you. God Bless You!
Ma & Poppa


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