Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WIWW Week 2

Week 2 of WIWW!!

Off to run errands and have coffee with a very dear friend on this day.
Flannel shirt- Black Friday Deal from Target $8
Purple tank- Old Navy
Old Comfy Jeans- Old Navy ( I think)
Clark's Clogs- Christmas gift from my mom several years ago (typically I am not a Clark's kind of girl but I have loved these and wear them all the time)

Same kind of day, running errands and going to church later.
Target sweater that I wear lots of different ways... LOVE IT!!
White t-shirt- Target
Jeggings- Target!!!! these pants are GREAT!!!
Boots- Texas Target!!! When I went to Texas in September these are one of three boots that I bought at Target and crammed in my suitcase and brought home. Ladies they were... $8!!
And this would be what you would find me in if you dropped by my house on about 3 days a week. A pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt. I invested in several Under Armor shirts at Christmas and let me tell yo they are well worth it!! I wear them around the house, I wear them to work out in, I wear them under shirts or sweaters. They wash great and feel so comfortable.
Under Armor- Dick's Sporting Goods $19
Black T-shirt- Target
Black Fleece workout pants- TJ Maxx- $12
Adidas walking shoes- Dick's on clearance for $25 about 3 years ago. I love these they are so great for my treadmill time.

Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 so far

Brought in the new year by watching the pineapple drop.
Got locked in a cemetery with my sis in law. A VERY old cemetery.

Been watching A#2 be a ball girl for the high school girls bball team and watching her be mentored by some of the players.

Been to a birthday party at the aquatic center.

Bubblecake cupcake shop. Nuff said!

Full swing basketball schedule for not one but two little girls!!

Love the hand on the shoulder from her team mate.

Lady Stingrays!

A#3 so excited that she gets to play this year!

Look at those pigtails flying as she works her way down the court.

And by the way, this girl can dribble a ball like none other. She amazes me how naturally she picks these things up.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I wore Wednesday Episode 1

I'm jumping on the WIWW band wagon!! I've been keeping up with so many ladies that link to The Pleated Poppy on Wednesday's for a while now because I LOVE clothes and I love to see how everyone styles themselves. My thinking is it really is a good way to get some new ideas but for me it is an accountablilty to myself too. There are days I live in yoga pants and under armor shirts, a lot of days actually. Given my life that's really not a bad thing but sometimes you can let that get you in a slump and I am trying to move away from any type of slump what so ever! Plus I need accountability for my weight! Losing is not really the hard part for me, it's the maintaining that I struggle with. I am a very emotional eater and this past year putting some weight back on is an indication of what the year has been like for me. So, here's to being accountable. Here's to maintaining. And, here's to cute clothes, shoes and jewelry!!!

Jeggings- Target... I LOVE THESE PANTS!!! The do not give you bubble knees because they never lose their shape.
Boots- Target
Sweater- TJ Maxx
Brown thermal shirt- Old Navy
Jewelry- Charlotte Russe


Dress- Ross-- $9 on clearance!!
Boots- Target several years ago
Jewelry- Sabika!! My all time favoraite line of jewelry. You must check it out!!


Sweater- Target- it's the coolest sweater ever! I wear it about 6 differebt ways.
Black T- Target
Boyfriend Jeans- Target (can you see where I shop 90% of the time?)
Flats- YEP!! Target
Jewelry- Sabika

The back view of the sweater is shorter. It's just too fun!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do you think back?

Ever heard of that saying if "I knew then what I know now"? Of course you have. What is it that you know now that would you would tell yourself back then? Think back to elementary school or middle school and especially high school. Would you do things differently or do you have no regrets what so ever? Sure in elementary school you are so young but looking back, especially if you have small children, are there decisions that you wish your parents would have made for you that would be different? How about in middle school when so many things are changing for you and you really start to be aware of how different you think your life is. Would you play more sports, read more, realize that it does not matter how cool your clothes are. Would you realize that some day all of these people you meet in middle school will still be in your memory? How about high school? Good ole high school!! Where you think that you own the world or that you will own the world one day. Where you really start to worry about how you dress, what shoes you wear, what haircut you sport, what kind of car you drive, who you date, what time is curfew, how late can you stay out past curfew, university or community college, military or full time job. You think about how fast you can get out of town after high school because there is no way you are spending another year in this small town. Do you think back to that one that got away? The one that just slipped away and you always wanted to know what happened to them and has life been good to them. Do you ever wonder if you were the one that got away? Do you struggle with mistakes you made way back then and think what was I thinking? Why didn't I know these things, why didn't I step up for myself? Do you ever think back?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

If you were my BFF you would know

I could almost bet money that my BFF knows me better than anyone in my life, probably even better than my own mom. My BFF loves me so unconditionally and never places judgement on my heart and I feel the exact same way towards her. Fate has made it so that we live pretty far away from each other but even that has not kept our friendship from growing over the years. I know that if I need anything she is just a phone call away and if I needed her here she would come no matter the sacrifice. How can two people that did not grow up anywhere near each other and didn't meet until we were 22 years old have such an amazing connection? Neither one of us can understand it. When we do get to see each other we have soooo much fun!! We laugh until we pee, we cry until we make the ugly face. We talk until the sun comes up. We even sleep together (inside joke)!! And we have kicked our husbands out of bed so we can ;) I love her babies as if they were my very own. She loves my babies as if they were her very own. We both have the same taste in fashion, decorating and even food. We both have the same struggles with ourselves, the exact same! If you know me, you'll know her!
If you were my BFF these are some things you would know about me (or you could ask Leslie because she could probably tell you everyone of these things)---
1. I love Jesus!! I know that I am not deserving of His love and sacrifice and especially His mercy.
2. My kids are EVERYTHING to me!!!
3. I worry way to much about what other people think about me. So much so that it holds me back from my own happiness a lot of the time.
4. I struggle daily with my self image.
5. I want to take more mission trips to try in some small way to make a difference in God's kingdom and to make a difference in my own heart.
6. I LOVE MUSIC!! It soothes my soul in a powerful way. My all time fave female voice is Eva Cassidy. LOVE HER!!!
7. I cry.... a lot!
8. I pee... a lot!!
9. I love shoes!!! Especially BOOTS!!
10. I have 4 major fears-
-that someone I love will not make it to heaven,
-that something terrible would happen to one of my babies,
-Fire!! I hate fire! Not just a camp fire but a major burn your house down fire. The very
thought of it chills me to the bone,
- that I will not have made a difference.
11. I'm kind of a dare devil, on a girly level that is. I want to jump out of a plane. I LOVE roller coasters. I like to go fast enough that my hair is a mess. OK maybe that's not so girly but you get what I mean.
12. I love to dance! I might not be the best but I think it's soooo fun. Maybe that goes with my love of music.
13.I love makeup and can not go without my lip gloss. Seriously if I have nothing else I have to have my lip gloss.
14. I love jewelry!! Cheap or expensive makes no difference to me. It's girly and prissy and I like it!
15. I have a lot of dreams and my bucket list is getting bigger as I get older. I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to get smaller as you age but why? As I grow older I see so much more that I want to be a part of. One thing on my bucket list is the Great Barrier Reef. I want to see what my son witnessed when he was only 16 and I can almost guarantee that I would feel like I was 16 when I do see it.
There you have it, just a few things you would know about me if you were my BFF.
Leslie, I love you and thank god for putting you in my path everyday!! You are truly what every girl should have for a BFF. I feel sorry for those that never have the friendship in their lives like we do!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

**** Edited- The new do for now!!
With so many decisions going on around here for us you would think that I would have more important things to worry about than my hair. Well I do but for now this is what I am going to concentrate on and possibly enlist your opinion on. I'm a hairdresser in the truest meaning of the word because I just simply can't wear the same hair style over and over. Sometimes it's not even the same 2 days in a row. I have gotten in a rut with my hair and have been trying to decide on a change (nothing major because I don't like major). I have been letting my bangs grow for a couple of months and let me just say right now... hardest thing ever!! When A#2 decided she wanted to let hers grow out I agreed but I told her it was gonna be hard on our relationship because Momma knows how much fun that can be. But here's the reason I'm letting mine grow, so I can cut them. I know, I know sounds crazy but I had gotten to that point that I just had too many, know what I mean? So in order to fix this, you kinda have to start over. Dumb concept but it works. Here's another dilema... blond or brunette? I was a Blondie when I was little and still believe I should be sometimes but I also know sometimes it's just not great on me. that I am over 4o (yes I said it!) there seems to be a lot of that shiny grey making it's appearance which means if I go brunette, it lasts about 2 weeks!! Even a hairdresser doesn't want to color her hair every 2 weeks! If it's more blond, you see less grey but then you have roots!! It really is a vicious cycle!!! OK so here are some pictures so you can see what I am talking about.

A medium blond curled under with a bang.

A medium brown with hi-lites flipped up with a long bang.

All over brown with bangs, closer to my natural color.

Medium blond curly with no bangs.

Medium brown with a lot of hi-lites, long with no bangs.

Short and blond!! This is the most blond I have had in a long time. A lot of up keep but I kinda liked it. And I loved the cut.

Like I said, decisions, decisions. Now if all the other decisions I had to make could be this simple ;)


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