Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

**** Edited- The new do for now!!
With so many decisions going on around here for us you would think that I would have more important things to worry about than my hair. Well I do but for now this is what I am going to concentrate on and possibly enlist your opinion on. I'm a hairdresser in the truest meaning of the word because I just simply can't wear the same hair style over and over. Sometimes it's not even the same 2 days in a row. I have gotten in a rut with my hair and have been trying to decide on a change (nothing major because I don't like major). I have been letting my bangs grow for a couple of months and let me just say right now... hardest thing ever!! When A#2 decided she wanted to let hers grow out I agreed but I told her it was gonna be hard on our relationship because Momma knows how much fun that can be. But here's the reason I'm letting mine grow, so I can cut them. I know, I know sounds crazy but I had gotten to that point that I just had too many, know what I mean? So in order to fix this, you kinda have to start over. Dumb concept but it works. Here's another dilema... blond or brunette? I was a Blondie when I was little and still believe I should be sometimes but I also know sometimes it's just not great on me. that I am over 4o (yes I said it!) there seems to be a lot of that shiny grey making it's appearance which means if I go brunette, it lasts about 2 weeks!! Even a hairdresser doesn't want to color her hair every 2 weeks! If it's more blond, you see less grey but then you have roots!! It really is a vicious cycle!!! OK so here are some pictures so you can see what I am talking about.

A medium blond curled under with a bang.

A medium brown with hi-lites flipped up with a long bang.

All over brown with bangs, closer to my natural color.

Medium blond curly with no bangs.

Medium brown with a lot of hi-lites, long with no bangs.

Short and blond!! This is the most blond I have had in a long time. A lot of up keep but I kinda liked it. And I loved the cut.

Like I said, decisions, decisions. Now if all the other decisions I had to make could be this simple ;)

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