Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 so far

Brought in the new year by watching the pineapple drop.
Got locked in a cemetery with my sis in law. A VERY old cemetery.

Been watching A#2 be a ball girl for the high school girls bball team and watching her be mentored by some of the players.

Been to a birthday party at the aquatic center.

Bubblecake cupcake shop. Nuff said!

Full swing basketball schedule for not one but two little girls!!

Love the hand on the shoulder from her team mate.

Lady Stingrays!

A#3 so excited that she gets to play this year!

Look at those pigtails flying as she works her way down the court.

And by the way, this girl can dribble a ball like none other. She amazes me how naturally she picks these things up.

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