Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do you think back?

Ever heard of that saying if "I knew then what I know now"? Of course you have. What is it that you know now that would you would tell yourself back then? Think back to elementary school or middle school and especially high school. Would you do things differently or do you have no regrets what so ever? Sure in elementary school you are so young but looking back, especially if you have small children, are there decisions that you wish your parents would have made for you that would be different? How about in middle school when so many things are changing for you and you really start to be aware of how different you think your life is. Would you play more sports, read more, realize that it does not matter how cool your clothes are. Would you realize that some day all of these people you meet in middle school will still be in your memory? How about high school? Good ole high school!! Where you think that you own the world or that you will own the world one day. Where you really start to worry about how you dress, what shoes you wear, what haircut you sport, what kind of car you drive, who you date, what time is curfew, how late can you stay out past curfew, university or community college, military or full time job. You think about how fast you can get out of town after high school because there is no way you are spending another year in this small town. Do you think back to that one that got away? The one that just slipped away and you always wanted to know what happened to them and has life been good to them. Do you ever wonder if you were the one that got away? Do you struggle with mistakes you made way back then and think what was I thinking? Why didn't I know these things, why didn't I step up for myself? Do you ever think back?

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