Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I wore Wednesday Episode 1

I'm jumping on the WIWW band wagon!! I've been keeping up with so many ladies that link to The Pleated Poppy on Wednesday's for a while now because I LOVE clothes and I love to see how everyone styles themselves. My thinking is it really is a good way to get some new ideas but for me it is an accountablilty to myself too. There are days I live in yoga pants and under armor shirts, a lot of days actually. Given my life that's really not a bad thing but sometimes you can let that get you in a slump and I am trying to move away from any type of slump what so ever! Plus I need accountability for my weight! Losing is not really the hard part for me, it's the maintaining that I struggle with. I am a very emotional eater and this past year putting some weight back on is an indication of what the year has been like for me. So, here's to being accountable. Here's to maintaining. And, here's to cute clothes, shoes and jewelry!!!

Jeggings- Target... I LOVE THESE PANTS!!! The do not give you bubble knees because they never lose their shape.
Boots- Target
Sweater- TJ Maxx
Brown thermal shirt- Old Navy
Jewelry- Charlotte Russe


Dress- Ross-- $9 on clearance!!
Boots- Target several years ago
Jewelry- Sabika!! My all time favoraite line of jewelry. You must check it out!!


Sweater- Target- it's the coolest sweater ever! I wear it about 6 differebt ways.
Black T- Target
Boyfriend Jeans- Target (can you see where I shop 90% of the time?)
Flats- YEP!! Target
Jewelry- Sabika

The back view of the sweater is shorter. It's just too fun!!


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Great photo shoot. Love the sweater that ties up like that...cute boots too. I see you are new to blogging...I have some fun things coming up for newbies...come check it out. Newbie linky party on January 31st...all new gals joining in.

Dee said...

Adorable!! Love the Target sweater!!

Abby said...

Love that sweater! Will you show up all 6 ways to wear it next week? :)

Jenbug said...

Very cute outfits!!!

Genn said...

Hi there! Cute outfits and I love your hair!! Happy Wednesday!

Katri said...

Welcome to WIWW!! It sure is fun :) I really like your Ross steal (dress)!! Fun :)


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