Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Didn't do so well once again of tracking my wardrobe for the week. I have the best of intentions every week and then I get busy or I think to myself is the world really gonna stop if I don't do it? Of course I know the answer to that and believe me, my world is in such an uproar lately the last thing I should be concerned with is what I wear. But, I started this to keep myself accountable on several levels so even if it's only one day that I remember then that's what I'll do.

Going to work.
Shirt- Target
Pants- Gap
Shoes- Super Shoes (love them!!)
Jewelry- Sabika

Going to work.
Shirt- Old Navy (have 3 of them in other colors)
Pants- Not sure they are the one's my mom gave me
Shoes- same as above
Jewelry- Sabika

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter Sunday 2011.

Momma and her girls.

Me and my A#1.

Silly A#2

A#3 starting to cave. She is over the picture taking.

Me and my babies!!

W.B. and his babies.

Me and the W.B.


She's so silly. Didn't want to smile so I just joined her :)


She likes her uncle W.B. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

5th grade field trip- Jamestown

A#2 had her 5th grade field trip to Jamestown and Yorktown. We made a day out of it, took A#3 out of school also and drove behind the buses full of lots of kiddos. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

My silly girls!

A#2 with some of her classmates.

Being quizzed by George the tour guide.

George the tour guide had a lot of fun razzing A#2.

W.B. and A#3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Another episode of WIWW! Didn't do so well this week with my pictures but here ya go!

Going to work!
Shirt- Target ( Liberty Label... love it!)
Pants- not sure, my mom gave them to me
Shoes- can't remember but I love them!
Jewelry- Sabika

Sweater- Old Navy
Tank- Old Navy
Pants- Gap
Jewelry- Premiere Designs

Sweater- Old Navy
Tank- Old Navy
Pants- Target
Shoes- Yellow Box (my new fave flip flops!!)

I know the pictures are not the best and a lot of times you can't even see my jewelry. Usually I am on my way out the door when I grab my phone or camera to take the picture. You can click on the pictures to enlarge for a closer look at colors and jewelry etc.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Another addition of WIWW. It's been a VERY long week but that's a whole other post that I will be writing about soon. Let's just say it involves mammograms and doctors (insert eye roll here). I have had this jean jacket for awhile and have no idea where I got it but it's a fun addition on a cool spring day. Shirt- Target, Pants- Gap
Necklace- Sabika
And as you can see, I still have not convinced myself that I should not wear leggings!

Shirt- Old Navy, Leggings- Target, Belt- I have no clue, Shoes- Belk, Jewelry- Sabika

Shirt- TJ Maxx, Capris- Gap, Jewelry- Charlotte Russe
Shirt- Old Navy, Capris- Gap, Shoes- Belk, Jewelry- Sabika

Thursday, April 7, 2011

T's new favorite things

My three new favorite things that I am obsessing with these days... ZUMBA!!! If I wasn't so busy I swear I could go every day! So far because of my new work schedule I have only been able to go 2 times a week but I am hoping to change that soon or else I will be purchasing some DVDs. Sometimes it kicks my butt so much I think I am not gonna be able to walk out of the class but it is such a good feeling to sweat and have so much fun. If you have a chance to go... do it!! Listen, I dance like a white girl but if I can do it, anyone can and I promise you will LOVE IT!!! I am currently out of my Philosophy Falling in Love shower gel and moisturizer so for the moment this is filling in. Bath and Body Works Carried Away. I really like it!! I am using the shower gel, body butter and body spray. It's pretty yummy!
And my favorite obsession right now is my new Clairisonic!! Oh my stinkin heck do I love this machine! I have been wanting one FOREVER and finally bit the bullet and got the mac daddy of Clairisonics. Love mine even more than this one because it's green with flowers on it ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I did better this week at logging my wardrobe!! Being in the workforce again has been a challenge for me as far as getting up and putting a little more thought into cute, sassy clothes. Pic above- Shirt- TJ Maxx Pants- Gap Shoes- Belk (new comfy cute shoes for work!) Jewelry- Sam Moon in Texas (shopping with my BFF) Friday is a little more relaxed at the shop. Shirt- Old Navy Leggings- Target (seriously chunky girls like me should not wear leggings but I can't seem to convince myself of that yet) Headband- stolen from my daughter ;) Jewelry- Sabika...of course! Another thing chunky girls shouldn't wear, cargo pants with pockets right where you are the heaviest. As of this morning after looking at this picture, these pants are being passed on. Shirt- Old Navy Pants- Ross Scarf- Old Navy (stolen from my other daughter) Shoes- American Eagle Jewelry - Sam Moon Jean Jacket- Old Navy Sweater- Tj Maxx (years ago) Pants- Gap Shoes- can't remember but I love em! See, aren't they fun?!
This one is for the shoes!! I got these to wear when I went to see my boyfriend Prince ;) they are so stinkin comfy I can't believe it! Looking so forward to getting some cute maxi dresses to wear them with.
So I can't wait to see what all of you guys wore for the week. I love seeing all of your cute ideas and especially your fantastic shoes and jewelry :)


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