Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Didn't do so well once again of tracking my wardrobe for the week. I have the best of intentions every week and then I get busy or I think to myself is the world really gonna stop if I don't do it? Of course I know the answer to that and believe me, my world is in such an uproar lately the last thing I should be concerned with is what I wear. But, I started this to keep myself accountable on several levels so even if it's only one day that I remember then that's what I'll do.

Going to work.
Shirt- Target
Pants- Gap
Shoes- Super Shoes (love them!!)
Jewelry- Sabika

Going to work.
Shirt- Old Navy (have 3 of them in other colors)
Pants- Not sure they are the one's my mom gave me
Shoes- same as above
Jewelry- Sabika

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