Thursday, April 7, 2011

T's new favorite things

My three new favorite things that I am obsessing with these days... ZUMBA!!! If I wasn't so busy I swear I could go every day! So far because of my new work schedule I have only been able to go 2 times a week but I am hoping to change that soon or else I will be purchasing some DVDs. Sometimes it kicks my butt so much I think I am not gonna be able to walk out of the class but it is such a good feeling to sweat and have so much fun. If you have a chance to go... do it!! Listen, I dance like a white girl but if I can do it, anyone can and I promise you will LOVE IT!!! I am currently out of my Philosophy Falling in Love shower gel and moisturizer so for the moment this is filling in. Bath and Body Works Carried Away. I really like it!! I am using the shower gel, body butter and body spray. It's pretty yummy!
And my favorite obsession right now is my new Clairisonic!! Oh my stinkin heck do I love this machine! I have been wanting one FOREVER and finally bit the bullet and got the mac daddy of Clairisonics. Love mine even more than this one because it's green with flowers on it ;)

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