Tuesday, October 28, 2008


1. What is your favorite thing about Halloween? When I was little obviously trick-or-treating. Now, decorating for Halloween.
2. What is your favorite Halloween tradition? When I was little it was going to the little old sisters house for homemade popcorn balls.
3. What was your favorite all-time costume from childhood or adulthood? I was a princess one year for our Brownie party. I loved the tiara!
4. Scary Halloween decorations or cutesy? Cutesy. My kids are still young and I don't want to scare them too badly.
5. What is your favorite Halloween memory? The fact that we would trick-or-treat all night long and fill up huge pillowcases full of candy. We ate it as we went along. We didn't have to worry about the fact that it might have been tampered with.
6. What is your favorite scary movie? None. I hate scary movies. I scare myself and will think about it for weeks after I have seen it. Right A#1?
7. Candy Corn...Love it or Hate it? Hate it but the family loves it. That's some candy I will buy lots of because I know I will not eat it! I do love candy corn decorations though.
8. What was your favorite Halloween party activity? Remember that Brownie party, one year we had to walk thru the kitchen blindfolded and stick our hands in all the ooey, gooey stuff and guess what it was. Eyeballs= Olives etc.
9. What is your least favorite Halloween party activity? Bobbing for apples...does anyone still do that?
10. Painted pumpkins or carved? Well carving of course!
Tag you're it! Hope you play along.

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Anonymous said...

I really remember when you were in girl scouts and we had all of you go thru and stick your hands in all this ooey gooey things. I remember you screaming, I think all the girls screamed they didnt know what it could be. Yes and wasnt it fun to get all that candy and never have to worry about it...Good memories...



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