Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ragmuffins and candy corn

While hubby has been busy workin on the new floors and painting, here's what I have been up to. I have made several of these "ragmuffin" garlands (that's what the Nester calls them and I like the Nester too much to change the name). I have made a few before and I just think they are so stinkin cute. This one was for my Mom and she was tickled about it. Good for fall all the way thru Thanksgiving.

This one is the same material just bigger. I love it!!! I've been looking for some pumpkins or some kind of leaves to hang from it. This is not where it is hanging in the house. It was just easier for the picture.
These were our Happy October gifts to the girls' teachers. They turned out so cute.

As a matter of fact they turned out so cute I decided to make some more and put a for sale sign on them. If you are interested and you live local, they are $7 and I'll include a gift bag. So far I've sold 8! They are just adorable (the pics do not do them justice).

Aren't they precious? I love 'em.


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What awesome crafts! So creative! I love fall...oh the colors, sights, sounds, and taste thrills! :)

Anonymous said...

I sure loved my ragmuffin T made me,I love love love it... Its on my china hutch hanging from door knob to door knob,I tell you this girl is talented.
thanks T


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