Monday, October 6, 2008

Punkins everywhere

A weekend with the kids ( all of them).

Going on a hayride (hubby looks like a grouch!)

They were so thrilled that A#1 was home on fall break.

Posing for daddy.

A#1 just spotted an airplane (imagine that!).

Look at all of those pumpkins!!! this was the best season in a long time. This was just one field, there are at least four more just like this one.

Looking for the perfect one.

Daddy is looking for the one he wants too.

And this is what A#3 brought home. This was the one we looked and looked for!

Dinosaur eggs (that's what hubby told the girls and they thought that was so cool. A#3 wanted to stay until they hatched.

Country girls at heart. Now they want a real one.

A#1 preferred the goats.

The toddler maze. More my speed.

What's that smell? Oh that's right, cow's!!!


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

FUN!! How awesome that all your kiddos were together at the same time! What a blessing :) Great photos!

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a fun day! I am approaching 40, too! In January... Time does fly! Congratulations on losing 50 pounds, my friend! Wow!

Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good Luck!:) Lori


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