Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011- picture overload...again

Yes I realize Christmas was over weeks ago however weeks is about how far behind I am on many projects. That handsome fella above is my nephew Cam. He is truly one of the coolest kids I him!

One of my other cool nephews, Peyton... love him!
This sweet niece, Lily, was very impressed with her new cowgirl boots that we brought back from Texas. She opened them, declared a big yeehaw and insisted that she put them on. My sister informed me that she has to hide them if she doesn't want her to wear them because otherwise they are her shoes of choice. :)
I was thrilled that she was so in love with her boots!!
Grandma and G-Daddy
Lily reading a Christmas card....hehehe.
After Christmas eve at G-ma and G-Daddy's we took a ride to the valley for some lights. The kids were thrilled because it had been several years since we traveled to see this display.
The island of misfit toys.
Christmas eve tradition includes new pj's for everyone. As I was opening mine Senator Rockefeller jumped up and started checking out my gift.
After the pj's are opened we read the book The Small One. A#3 was so excited this year that she could read some of the pages.
A#1 listening to the story.
My beautiful A#2 :)
My silly A#2 :)

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