Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why not you?

March 2011 I went back to work as a hairstylist and skin care tech after 7 years off. It has been a good change for me and the family but it has also been a tough change. Honestly, my kids have adjusted better than I have. Summer time was the most difficult for me because it was very hard not being home with them every day, lounging in the pool, going to the movies whenever we felt like it and just having that freedom. We were very blessed with a fantastic young lady that was able to keep them at our house. She came here, fixed breakfast, let them swim in their own pool, took them to the library and kept them very busy creatively.
As good as the change has been, there have been times when I have really questioned if this is what I truly want to do. Business is slow which in turn makes being motivated slow which in turn makes me wonder if I am truly doing and living my passion. I love the ladies I work with, I love my clients, the old and the new, and I love this business however I truly don't know that it is a passion. Am I making a difference in this world by doing some one's color? Am I making a difference in this world when I am in the facial room with a client for an hour. Am I making a difference in my own life?
I watch and listen to other people who truly love their jobs and talk about it with pride and joy. How and what did they do differently to get to that point. WB is one of those people. A girl I used to work with several years ago asked him if he liked his job to which he replied that he loves what he does. He loves watching the change in some one's home that he has created. He loves seeing the end result. I heard a quote one time, " Find what you love to do and make money doing it." That is what WB has done.
I keep asking myself why not you T? Why haven't you been able to say that?
Do you live and work your passion? Are you making a difference? Why not you?


WB said...

You've dreamed the dream. Now you (we) need to find a way to make it happen. We should work to live, not live to work, as it often feels like that is what we are doing. You are a beautiful women, smart and I believe you know what you want for a career. I will do all I can and am able to do to make your dreams come true. I love you and will always be here for you.

The Johnston's said...

thanks for the compliment! i loved keeping the girls, it was such a blast everyday!


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