Saturday, February 9, 2008

Feb 10, 19**

That's when my beautiful Momma was born. My Mom and her brother had a very difficult childhood due to many reasons. Their mother was sick most of their young lives and was hospitalized for MONTHS at a time. Their Dad was taken home to be with the Lord when my Mom was 11 years old. Can you imagine? Growing up and only seeing your mom when they could have visitation and then your Dad dying on his way home from one of those visits. My Mom and her brother just to "happen" to not go on that trip. It was God's plan. After years of being raised by aunts and uncle's they lost their mom when my Mom was in her early 20's. Thru it all, they survived and both my Mom and my favorite Uncle Mikie both have beautiful families and they have each other. I love you Mom and am so thankful for you! Thank you for not completely giving up on me and for loving my kids the way you do. I am PROUD to call you Mom! This is Mom at Christmas playing in the Dora tent with the grandkids. Shhh they're asleep.

Happy Birthday Nena. WE LOVE YOU!


GillespiesGirl said...

Happy Birthday Nena! I love you too!!

rachd said...

Happy belated birthday to Donna! Much love! :o)


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