Friday, February 8, 2008

Fat girls can jump!!!

That's right! I even had pointed toes I might add (I was not a very good gymnast but I remember how to keep em pointed). My SIL sent these to me today and they are from her house back in the summer. My Dad used to compete on the trampoline when he was younger so he's taught me a thing or two.

Going up! I used to be able to keep the legs straight. That's what age and a little weight will do to you.

That's a little better. Note to self: next time on the trampoline were a different shirt! Also, go to the potty first. Three big babies are a little tough on the bladder while jumping :)

O.k. Mom, you can get off now so us kids can jump. You've showed off enough.

Like mother, like daughter!

O.k. girls, Mommy needs a nap now.

1 comment:

100 Percent Cottam said...

i'm impressed! that would have thrown me off for the entire day! mama needs a nap for sure!

you're so cute! :)


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