Monday, February 4, 2008

On the Defense

Look at our ball player. That girl rocks! Now if she will just not duck when someone throws her the ball :) Defense is her game that's for sure. Just like in soccer she loves playing on the D. Just ask the girl she was up against in this game. She kept pushing A's arms down and right back up my girl would put them (in her face I might add).
That's Daddy in the background. He was the substitute coach for the weekend. He totally digs it!
Not sure what was going on with the faces other than they were really into the game. How can she be such a princess and such a brutt all wrapped up in one? Number 3 in the background is a force to be reckoned with. I've seen her throw the ball from half court, like she throwing a baseball, and make the shot! She did it in this game too. Of course A wasn't blocking her ;) or she wouldn't have made it. Yes I am the obnoxious Mom! Not as bad as some, I can keep myself in check when necessary.

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GillespiesGirl said...

Way to go A!!! Wish I were there to watch! She definately has some of her mommy's moxy! :)


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