Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crhistmas Eve nite

After we left G-ma and G-daddy's we took a little drive to look at some Christmas lights. This is something we try to do every year but were a little late doing so this year. Once we got home I realized that we needed cookies for Santa. We did not bake at all this year, truth be told I had been around too many sweets already and just didn't need the temptation in my house. Thankfully I had some cookie dough mix in the pantry so they whipped it together and made Santa some cookies and even added sprinkles.

A#2 loves to bake so she took over.
Time for our new pj's. This year I wised up and made them all sit on the same couch so I only had to take one picture instead of 3. DUH!

Love you 3A's!!

What will the pj's look like this year?

Hubby took this one as I was sitting with him.

If I look a little worried it's because I am. Hubby is in charge of picking out my pj's and let's just say he was describing what they looked like before I opened them and it was not something I thought our kids should witness. In usual W.B. style, he was joking!

I love them and they are so comfy. I would've liked the other too but I was just concerned for my kids health ;)

Hubby opened his next. I do believe that next year he will be the one to have the joke pulled on him.

After pj's we read SMALL ONE as a family and pray together before the kiddos say goodnight.

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