Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas morning

On their way down to see if the big man has been here. A#2 came into our room at 3:45 am and said she knew he had been here was it time to get up? Good grief! No honey just a little bit longer and then we'll get up. She made her way back in at 7 am and said has it been long enough? She went and woke her brother and sister and the fun began. A#3 looks like she is still half asleep.

I think he just dumped his whole sled in our family room. A#3 started as soon as she saw the first gift, not even knowing if it was hers or not.
A#2 got a cool new red camera.

That's not a look of excitement. That's her coughing her little head off.

Calm and cool A#1. He thought he knew what he was getting but he was a little surprised when he got something else. Hopefully his new GPS will help him find his way home. It's really no wonder the boy is gonna fly planes. There are no streets to remember.

Hubby got a surprise from someone. He has been wanting some speakers for outside so that when we are out there he can listen to music or a ballgame or even a race. They are so cool, they look like rocks and you can hook them up to the tv or a mp3 player or something old school like a radio.

A#3 was excited to get her webkin. She watches A#2 on the computer with hers all the time.

Yep that's me, Mrs Clause. A#2 made some of the neatest things at school for us. This is my new 2009 calendar. I love it!!!

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Lisa said...

Love those pj pants T love you guys hope A3 is feeling better


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