Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Pre-School Christmas

After celebrating Jesus' birthday, the kids at A#3's pre-school celebrated with a gift exchange, lots of snacks and a special guest. A#3 was not feeling well at all this day but she was not about to miss out.

Here is the special guest himself. SANTA was so good this year and the kids were so excited to talk to him. Well, most of them.

This little one was the first on his lap and she told him everything she wanted. I was floored because she is so shy and usually doesn't say much.

This was their exchange and the paper was flying.

This is A#3's "husband" and he was not about to sit on Santa's lap. This is as close as he got and when Santa left he informed us who it really was, and he was right!

As close as this one got as well. He said, " I'll talk but I'm standing right here."
He's not so sure but he gave it a shot.

This one, who is A#3's cousin, just sat there and giggled the whole time. She's a mess!

Thanks Santa! You did a great job and we were all glad you were able to take time out of your busy schedule to drop by for a visit.

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Lisa said...

Hey I know that Santa... he had so much fun doing that.... he enjoyed it very much and made his day


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