Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Tradition has it that on Christmas Eve we go to my Grandma and Grand-Daddy's house for family time. All of my Dad's family is invited over for food and fellowship and sad to say it's the only time some of us actually see each other and we live in the same town. There are those that come from out of town, even out of state, Texas, so that's exciting for us to be able to catch up and give out some hugs. I will warn you there are a lot of pictures ahead. I didn't take them all, I borrowed a few of them :) Me and A#1. Have I mentioned him before?

Me and my sister. Not sure but I think we both had food in our mouths. I know I did!
This is my daddy. He has been having some major knee issues and has been in a lot of pain. Trouble is, it's not the knee that he had replaced. They are now treating him for gout and we are praying the meds will help. I'm not sure what we are all watching but it must be good.

She-J and B. These 2 have been to war together. Literally! Praise God they are both home and safe where they belong.

The kids love to play in Grandmas books and toys. A#2 and Cam and Pey.

These next few are just crowd shots. As you will see, there a quite a few of us.

My sis and her hubby.

After the cousins leave it's time for us to exchange gifts with the immediate family. Poor A#3 has been sick for 2 weeks at this point and this is how she spent some of her day. She has been taking breathing treatments every 4 hours for a week now and STILL has a horrible cough and cold.

Bless her heart!

We were able to wake her up in time to unwrap her gifts. Lack of sleep was not going to stop her.

Mr Cam had one desire for Christmas. A Pogo Stick and his Aunt Ninie had to oblige. Let's just say he was a little excited. I did tell him however, if you break any bones, do not call and tell me. Love you Cam Rod!


Lisa said...

you guys are such a great bunch I love all of you.... Happy New Year

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Great photos! Looks like Christmas was wonderful for you all this year - so much love :)

Happy New Year!


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