Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ornament party

Several years ago when I worked at the salon, a few of us would get together for ornament making parties. The first year we did it in my basement and let's just say that hubby found glitter on the floor for years. We had a blast. The idea was each person had to come up with an idea for a handmade ornament and purchase enough stuff for everyone to make it. The ideas were great! From my sisters cinnamon/ applesauce cutouts that made my house smell FAB, to Denise's GIGANTIC gumdrop balls, we had so much fun! We did this for several years and I have missed it. One of our friends we worked with was so creative and I miss her too. A lot of her ideas have now made it on to our tree years later. Like these...

These are simply little round mirrors that are glues back to back on "fishing line" and they are so sparkly on our tree. I have made lots of them and want to do more.
More of her ideas. Wire and beads. That's it. So simple. I have made some of these every year for every tree in our house. A#1 has very colorful one's in his room. A#2 has lots of pink and purple in her room and A#3 has one's with pearls on her tree.

Not sure where I seen these but I have even made them in my Sunday School class that I teach and the kids love them too. Dragonflies are so cute.

More beads.

What the heck is that you ask. Well this one is a little on the WONKY side but I like it. Wrap some wire around a dowel rod, take it off and scrunch it up then dip it in a paper pulp made out of tissue paper and water (looks like snow dripping). Fun, fun, fun!
This was one that our creative friend made for us all one year at the shop. It hangs on our tree and every time I put it up I wish I had more of them.

Clear glass ornaments that have been "marbleized". Squirt 3 or 4 different paints inside, swirl around turn upside down to drain and dry. Lovely!
Hope you enjoy and ladies I want to do this again next year, anyone wanna join me?


Anonymous said...

Be careful getting the glass ornaments out of their container. They are known to shatter and get in your eye.... OUCH! :0) It is hard to watch a parade that your nephew is in with your eye swelling up. - good memories

julie07 said...

I would love to join you. I'm sure the day after Christmas would be a great time to buy stuff for next years "ornament" party! :-)

The Busy Blaine's said...

Dee I had forgotten about that! Maybe the glass one's are a little on the dangerous side for some people. Julie you are right that's a great time to get stuff. I'll have to start planning now!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Those are so so creative! Beautiful! Looks like a fun activity too - and economical :)

Lisa said...

I am so there.... I think that would be so much fun....


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