Friday, March 7, 2008


Poor A#3 has a cold and cough that has gone on all week. Thankfully it has not gotten any worse but it is bad enough to keep us in the house since Monday. The cough started Monday and the runny nose came on Thursday. I think she's just as tired of being in the house as much as I am. Not to mention the cough syrup has created a beast within her. GROUCHY!!
This was our day today, home with a few tv shows, several games of memory, playing with the plastic easter eggs, naptime which turned into not sucha good thing and now she's upstairs crying because I asked her to PLEASE stop bouncing the basketball in the house (A#2 has practice tonight).

Would you not just love to have that hair and that skin? Me too!

Feel better soon baby girl. Mommy loves you!

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100 Percent Cottam said...

awww, man! it's got all of us, doesn't it?!


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