Thursday, March 27, 2008

A#3's room- complete

This is about as much pet as the Blaine's can handle at the moment. Sometimes this is too much trouble. We actually have 2 of the loveable, cuddly, furry little balls of fun in our house (that was a little sarcasm if you couldn't tell). This one belongs to A#3 and she named hers Nemo (of course).

These pictures are made from A#3's bumper pad that shredded in the washing machine. I could not bring myself to throwing the fabric away so for the time being this is what I came up with. I cut the fabric into pieces and decoupaged them onto flat artist canvas. Those are all individual pieaces of fabric. After they were dry I took one of my stamp pads and rubbed across to "age"it slightly. I think I might try to find some old frames to put them in. Right now they are just on the walls with velcro and I think they need a little more dimension.

These are the canvas pictures I painted after spotting a few in Target that I liked. Although I am certainly not an artist, they were cheaper. A#3 likes to tell people "Mommy painted these when I was in her belly."

Every girl needs a chandelier. I had looked everywhere for an old one to redo but had no luck. This one came from Lowe's and I added some pink ribbon to the shades.

This is her bedside table and her el cheapo lamp. Target clearance for $5. Don't you love Target?
I swear I must buy stock in that place just to get some of my money back.

Regular tab top curtains. I know you can't see them but I have some beads strung on her curtain rods and they are soooo cute. Daddy finished her crown molding painting a few months ago and I love how it turned out.

Again, Target clearance. The shelves were only $3 a peice. I could kick myself for not buying more.

This little darling was rescued from the trash. Our old neighbors left it out for the trash man when she was moving and you should've seen it. Brown and gross! A#1 was so embarassed when I told him I needed his help carrying it inside. "Mom, it's trash!" Not when I'm finished with it :)
It's hard to tell but it's a very pale pink with the yellow stripe. Hubby made the new feet and I changed the knobs and sanded it after it was painted to age it a little. I LOVE it!!!

So one more room complete- sort of. The floor man has to put new floors down then she will be 100%.

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Lisa said...

I love love her room..... you did a good job. i am glad I am not the only one having my family get stuff off the side of the road... Love ya gal


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