Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Grief

In Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Became known as "the sick bed".

Well, what an Easter at the Blaine's! Last week A#2 had a tummy bug that ran from sat-wed with a bad case of sitting on the potty for days. We were lucky as she only threw up once. So then on thursday A#3 started complaining with the tummy and did the throw up thing once too. So then friday at 2am it went full speed ahead. A#3 threw up off and on all day. She slept all night without getting sick so we thought things were looking up. NOT! As soon as she woke up she was at it again. All day!!!!! I had spoke to the nurse and it was clear that she had no signs of dehydration so we kept dealing with it and pushing fluids. Saturday night she slept all night again with out getting sick. Yippeee, we are getting over it. NOT!!!!! She started within 10 minutes of waking up only this time it was different. She wouldn't talk to us or cry. I called the dr. and we rushed her to the E.R. She was dehydrated and had to have an I.V. Yeah that was horrible! We were there most of the day. Thanks to family the other kiddos were taken care of and were able to go to church. When we were able to take her home, hubby and I slept with her while she was napping mainly because of our fear. Then of course, she started again. Two more times she threw up that evening but the dr. said only bring her back if it continued thru the night. They had given her enough fluids that she would be ok for awhile. Thank you Lord it has stopped. The poor little thing was so hungry yesterday. They didn't want her to have any solids for 24 hours after the last episode to give her belly time to settle. That was hard but thank goodness for lollipops!!! They did the trick. Just enough sugar to curb the hunger. Things are looking up today. She is up playing with her goodies from the Easter bunny and has been her sassy self a few times. I just realized that we have no Easter pictures to show this year. That stinks. Thanks for everyone's prayers! I know how special A#3 is especially to some of you and I know the Lord looked out for her.

Finally feeeling better and eating a banana.

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GillespiesGirl said...

My poor little A#3! (and T#1) I hope that my girl is feeling better. What a week you have had! I love you a.f. get all better for me.


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