Thursday, March 20, 2008

Next project- completed

This is our master bathroom. After the ist project which was our closet, we tackled this room. About this time last year hubby started taking down wallpaper (it was on the walls from the chair rail down) and put up some bead board. He painted the bath the same color yellow (it's called wicker ware) that was in the closet and going in the bedroom. Right about the time he finished, his back went totally out on him and he was in bed for 3 weeks and then had surgery. He was not very happy with a project unfinshed and neither was I. So one night I jumped in a took over (imagine that!) Hubby talked me thru how to disconnect the toilet and A#1 helped me lift it out of the way so I could lay the new tile floors. Not bad for a first timer. It helps to have your own pro talking you thru it step by step.
I Love the look of the slate tile and what a difference it made. Have I told you how much I hate the white tile that's all thru the house. If you think I hate it you should talk to hubby. Remember, he's the pro floor installer and is a LITTLE picky.
This is the crown molding that was just installed and the new light fixture. Of course I'm terrible about taking before pictures so all I'll say is think big and brass! That would be what the before shot would've looked like.

As for the vanity, nothing has changed except for the knobs. Again, think brass.

New towel bars. Yep, you guessed it. The before shot, brass again.

So I'm hoping the Nester can give me an idea for a shower curtain. We have a garden tub with the shower and for now this is my only solution. These are just inexpensive tab top curtains. There is a plastic liner on a seperate rod behind these but I just have not ever been too happy with them. Maybe she can give me a "mistreatment" to use.

This is the cute little topper I have in there. I actually have these in our bedroom as well and I like them. They were a good bargain at Target that I bought when we lived in the townhouse and I just held on to them. They are a black and white Waverly fabric.

Here you get a look at the bead board handy work from the hubster.

Cute, cheap little pictures on the walls are the choice for the moment. Again, like the closet, I need a few goodies to hang up. I have visiting a few thrift stores looking lately but so far nothing.
So other than the shower curtain and some things on the walls, this room is F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D.


Rach said...

So, wanna come redo my bathroom? ;o)

It looks fantastic! :o)

The Nester said...

Hey girl! It looks great--and you disconnecting a toilet?! You are my hero!

For the shower curtain in our guest/boys room I used a drapery panel that I bought from Target. It doesn't quite reach all the way across and if I wanted to do it right I would get two. It would actually look good in this room too. It's that heavy black and white brocade print that they have. I think it's a waverly.

If you love your topper could you find long drapes in that and use two on your rod that you have?

I love my black and white print because it makes such a statement!

You did the perfect thing by using 2 rods! Most people don't know to do that! Also, you could use fabric but, because of the constant pulling back and forth you would have to sew and not hot glue. Insert sad face here.

Hope I helped a little!


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