Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1st project

Well our first project at home was our closet in the master bedroom. When we first moved in the closet had 2 rods running the length of the closet, one lower than the other. Hubby did not like it at all. He took his regular daily trip to Home Depot and pondered all of the many things he could do. The back wall where you see the dresses etc , there was nothing. I needed some place to put skirts and dresses so they weren't hanging on the floor so this is what the wonderful W.B. came up with. I love it! Underneath them you can see some hat boxes which are used for hiding Christmas goodies as the year goes on. The red storage containers were purchased at Walmart. The big ones keep shoes and stuff as the seasons change. The smaller ones below are where hubby keeps his hats.

If you notice he even painted the closet before he he installed the gadgets and gizmos. What a guy! Now, pay close attention to the hangers. See how some are plastic and others are not? This is a work in progress. You will see my plan at the bottom of this post.

Imagine how pleased I was to find this little baby installed. A shoe organizer!!!! Ahhhhhhh, dreams do some true. Then there is the BIG corner system. How cool is that? I keep all of my purses, sweaters, purses and there is a gift shelf that I keep a few things on hand for last minute gift ideas.

I have a picture frame with pictures of me and the hubby up in here. These are fun to look at when I walk in. Good memories. I have been thinking of something else I could hang up in there but I'm a little stumped. I thought about some of my wooden letters with scarpbook paper but I don't know what they should say. Got any ideas? Something to do with clothes maybe?

So here is my new favorite thing of all times. Ever heard of Huggable Hangers? Holy Moly I love these babies. You can find them at http://www.hsn.com/ This is what I am working on putting in our closet, little by little. They are the BEST hangers! I just recently found out that Target carries them as well. Next time you go there, find them and pick up one pack of 5 hangers for $5 and try them out. You won't be sorry!


Jori said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am so in need of a closet makeover. You have given me some good ideas! I love your shoe rack. Your house is just gorgeous too!

Lisa said...

Hey lady... the bathroom looks great. I am gonna try this blogging thing. At least as much as I can..... But about the bathroom it does look more like you than it did before... love ya


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