Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

*Caution, long post ahead. Lots of pictures.

This is our beautiful home that we bought 1 1/2 years ago. This picture was taken around the 4th of July last year that's why the red,white and blue. I wanted to post this because I plan on putting alot of house stuff up on our blog as we're starting to do a few things around here to make it more "us". Out front there is really nothing that "needs" to be done but that never stopped me before. Due to the drought we had last summer there will be alot of yard work and some new shrubs going in. Our grass was green at this point but by the end of the summer, YUK! Due to that The Blaine's will be busy planting very soon now. We even had 2 holly bushes bite the dust. I love the pear trees in the front yard but we have debated on taking them down and planting new ones because they are leaning way too much. My awesome step-dad might be able to help us with saving these. What do you think about flower boxes on the windows? I have seen some that are so pretty and some that are way too much. Don't know if hubby will go for that.

This is the back of the house. This is part of what made us fall in love with this house. We live out here in the spring and summer. I have always wanted a house with a big front porch but I "settled" for a back porch this time.

This is our personal getaway. I can't wait for warm weather after looking at these. We should be open in a several weeks.
This is the garage that is detached and behind the house. When you walk out of the back door you see the deck and the garage right in front of you and the pool is to the left. There is a seperate private drive for the garage.
This is the walkway leading to the garage. You come off of the deck and walk up to the garage. I just realized as I sit here that I don't have any pictures from the back yard down to the garage and the rest of the yard. The little red looking tree at the back of the picture is a peach tree. When we moved in the peaches were dripping off of this little sweetie.
This is our little "pond" in between the house and the garage. This is where our fish, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen and Emeril Lagassi lived for a short while. That is until the neighborhood cat snuck in under the fence and had a snack. Not liking that cat very much! A#2 named the fish. Can you tell she LOVES to watch food network?

Walking off the deck heading to the pool.

What it's all about, Daddy with A#2 & A#3. Family Time!!!!!!!!!

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