Friday, July 3, 2009

Show us where you live- yards and garages

I have missed the last few Fridays of Kelly's Show Us Where You Live party. There has been a lot going on here for the Blaine's. I'll just start by saying we have a new niece named Lily that is a week old. She had her surgery the day after she was born and is doing well. She is still in the hospital and we are praying she will be home very soon. Please pray for my sister Carrie and brother in law Mike and their 2 boys. They are all very anxious to be home together as a family. I will give more details to the many prayers the the Lord has answered when we know more about when she will be coming home. For now let me just say... God is GOOD!!!
This is the front of our home. You really can't see the front yard in these pictures but I will tell you that I love our yard and our landscaping. We have really only done a few things since we bought the house 3 years ago on the outside. I usually do most of the yard work and I really enjoy it. I put on my mp3 player with my praise and worship music and before I know it the mowing is finished. I'm not sure the neighbors enjoy it because I tend to sing very loudly while I am working.

My favorite part of our "backyard". This is inside the fence and we do have yard outside the fence where the kids play on their swing set and ride bikes and play ball. These pictures I already had on the computer and just didn't have time to load more.
This is the walkway leading to the garage. It is detached and we really like it that way. We have a separate driveway on the back of the house that leads to it.
This is our"pond" in between the house and the garage. I need to take some new pictures because we have some of the prettiest lily pads this year. The girls have been so excited about them.
The deck off of the house that leads to the garage and the pool.

The garage from the pool.
The pool from the deck.
This is the end of the pool looking toward the house. This is where you go if you are trying to avoid the sun. The canopy actually came with the house and boy have we used it. This is where we eat and play cards late at night. The sides close to keep all the critters out.
We spend a lot of time together outside and truly feel so blessed to have our home.


Abby said...

Your yard is beautiful! What I would do for a patio alone!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Ohh I really like your house and pool! Looks so refreshing!

Heather said...

I love your house and the landscaping is gorgeous!! That pool is fantastic!

Erin said...

Oh so beautiful! I want to live there!

Emily said...

Oh, wow! You're yard is just lovely!

How fun that your son is studying to be a pilot! Does he know exactly what he wants to do yet?


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