Monday, July 27, 2009

July.... so far!

How awesome is this!! The day sweet Lily girl came home from the hospital, this was in our pond. Ever heard of a "God thing"? Well I believe that's exactly what this is. We've been waiting all summer for it to bloom and on that very morning that we received the call that she was coming home, I walked outside to witness this beauty.
These next pictures might not be in order but it's just a glimpse of what we've been up to. We have had company which has been so fun.
Mr Mason didn't like the pool like we thought he would.

Lily was home and I went for a visit. Aunt Tinie needed to hold her again.

We got to spend some time with Lily's 2 big brother's and we had so much fun. They were with us all day on the 4Th of July and they swam their hearts out! They were so glad to get home though and to have their new sister with them.

We invaded Lake Anna with the family! It was a wonderful day of swimming, boat riding, tubing and PLENTY of eating.
A#3 thought her lake... "Lake Anna" was so much fun. She was wore out by the time we left.

Have I mentioned how many babies we are surrounded by? Mr Mason is just one of them.

And then there is Mr Cole. Doesn't he look like a little man?
Oops, this one is out of order. July 4Th we had some friends over. The men folk decided to play an "old man game", croquet. The competition was fierce!

And then one day Miss Lily got to come to our house. This was the first time my girls got to meet her. A#2 didn't know what to do and A#3 just wants to touch her feet.
So as usual, busy, busy. busy!! Hubby surprised me with a trip to Texas for my big birthday to see our very bestest friends. We are leaving this week for a few days and I can't even begin to tell you just how excited I am. Watch out Dallas!!!! The Blaine's are heading to town. YIIPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Wooo that is a cool story about the Lily! The pictures are great - family is so wonderful. I hope Texas was a blast! :)


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